2020 Rewind

The following are events that took place throughout the year 2020 on both a local and national level.


  • Jan. 26: Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others die in a helicopter crash.


  • Feb. 5: The Senate acquits president Donald J. Trump of impeachment.
  • Feb. 28: 12th annual Blackout game takes place at LT.


  • March 11: COVID-19 is declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.
  • March 13: LT announces students will be sent home for a minimum of three weeks due to COVID-19. 
  • March 21: Governor J.B. Pritzker announces a state-wide shutdown due to COVID-19.
  • March: 24: The 2020 Olympics are suspended until 2021.


  • April 17: Governor J.B. Pritzker announces Illinois schools will be closed for the rest of the academic year.
  • April 27: The Pentagon releases videos of suspected UFOs.


  • May 25: The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police officers.
  • Protests across the nation begin in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.


  • June 26: Illinois enters phase 4, allowing indoor dining in restaurants, as well as gatherings of under 50 people to take place.


  • July 14: First murder hornet trapped in the state of Washington. 
  • July 31: Wildfires in California force the evacuation of thousands of people.


  • Aug 9: Violent looting and rioting takes place in Chicago, and is seen as a trend across the nation. 
  • Aug. 14: LT announces it will begin the year fully remote to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


  • Sept. 18: Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies. 


  • Oct. 19: LT welcomes students back on campus for the first day of hybrid learning.
  • Oct 24: First murder hornet nest removed in the state of Washington.
  • Oct. 26: Amy Coney Barret is confirmed to the Supreme Court by the Senate with a 52-48 vote. 


  • Nov. 7: After four days of counting ballots, Joe Biden is announced the president elect.
  • Nov. 13: LT decided to return to fully remote for at least three weeks due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. 
  • Nov. 16: A stay-at-home advisory is suggested for Cook County residents.


  • Dec. 7: LT welcomed students back in for hybrid learning for two weeks before Christmas Break