Opinion: A wish from 2020

Charlotte McLaughlin , Art Director

The entirety of this year has felt anything but real. I compare much of the year to a fever dream of some sort—a very cruel fever dream at that. I have grown such an immense hatred and fear towards this year for countless reasons, so I have hope that 2021 will somehow magically rid the world from all of its current grief. Realistically, this seems very improbable, but especially now, we need to seek out the light in times of darkness

COVID-19 has hit all-time highs all over the country recently. Most of us hoped that the pandemic ended months ago, but it’s looking more and more likely we are going to have to lock down again. Though I wish that the second the clock hits 12:00 a.m.on Jan. 1, 2021, COVID-19, along with the other tragedies faced in 2020, will simply be eradicated off the face of the earth, that most likely will not be the case. 

I do, however, have some hope that a safe vaccine will be released in 2021. In theory, this would prevent many people from contracting the virus and spreading it to others, thus decreasing the severity of COVID-19 until it becomes just as dangerous as any other illness. I also have some hope that we will be able to live mask-free again by the end of 2021. That is, if all of the college students and high schoolers stop going to parties with hundreds of people every weekend. 

Student-driven activism is becoming much more prominent, and I hope that it will continue to develop and evolve into the widespread phenomena it has started to become. I have many expectations for social justice, and I believe that our generation will be the leaders of this new era of civil rights reformation in this upcoming year. Not only will they lead this movement, but they will also learn to respectfully educate others of why certain justices are so important and needed much more than many think. Much of the media has found ways to demonize and undermine the good work that social justice activists are doing, so hopefully 2021 will be the time to prove how necessary it really is.

Another problem that I have become more invested in is how parties on both sides of the political spectrum struggle with respectfully and informatively conversing with each other, which has led to severe divides between Americans. One of my biggest hopes is that we’ll regain the skills necessary to be civil to one another and see each other for who we truly are and not who we support. After our country has been led by powerful people thriving off of division and hate for years, it will be difficult to switch back so quickly. Nonetheless, I know our country has the ability to listen to one another, learn from one another, and, most importantly, love one another.

These may seem like baseline goals, but our country is known for falling short in these situations. These types of goals require the cooperation of the entire country. Once we come together as one people of America, then it will be much easier. So for now: be respectful to others, be open to change and wear your mask.