LT to begin hybrid learning model Oct. 19

Lyons Township plans for hybrid learning. Photo by

John Hepp, Editor-in-Chief

Starting on Oct. 19, LT will transition to a hybrid learning model, according to an email sent out on Sept. 24. Under this hybrid plan, 50% of students will attend in-person learning for two days per week based on their last name. Students will attend remotely on days they are not scheduled to be on campus, logging in via Zoom, according to the LT website.

Spanish teacher Kristie Scriba is looking forward to being able to go back to in-person learning, she said.

“When you’re in person, there’s so much more that you’re able to read, as far as whether kids understand and the communication,” Scriba said. “I think [students and teachers] will be able to get so much more from each other when they’re able to connect face to face.”

In-person and remote instruction will happen simultaneously, meaning that students at home will be on Zoom as in-person classes are running. Monday and Thursday will include periods one through four, running for 65 minutes each with five minute passing periods, according to the LT website. Tuesday and Friday will include periods eight through five also running for 65 minutes with five minute passing periods. There is no scheduled lunch period in order to minimize exposure, and students will be able to leave campus after third and sixth periods based on their scheduled lunch period. Additionally, Wednesdays will be “Lion Days,” with periods one through eight running for 35 minutes each and will be fully remote

Students and staff must follow health and safety measures under the hybrid learning model, according to the LT website. This includes wearing a face mask at all times, social-distancing, one-way hallways and stairwells, as well as a daily symptom screener.

“I have confidence that LT will be able to follow [social distancing guidelines],” Scriba said. “My main concern is with the kids; are the kids going to feel comfortable?” 

Scriba has followed LT’s social distancing guidelines, but understands that it is different with students.

“There’s a level of trust; [students] have to trust each other to follow all of these rules,” Scriba said. 

The current plan of remote learning has been frustrating, Danny Eckert ‘22 said. 

“Learning online for me is really hard; staring at a screen all day is really hard for me to stay focused,” Eckert said. “Seeing my friends and teachers in-person is a big thing for me. It’s hard to build a connection online and behind a screen; I feel like I barely know my teachers and classmates.” 

Although Eckert is worried about the possibility of contracting COVID-19, this doesn’t outweigh his excitement to return to school, he said.     

During the week of Sept.  28, LT will begin to offer certain clubs and activities with opportunities to meet, according to an email sent out by principal Brian Waterman on Sept. 25. Parents must fill out a survey on whether or not their children will return to LT under the hybrid learning model by Sept. 30.  

LT will also be holding a live WebEx event on Oct. 6 in order to provide additional information on the transition to the hybrid model.