LT’s recent renovations

Isabel Tuisl, Reporter

With the start of the new school year, LT administrators and faculty discussed recent NC renovations made this summer and clarified the confusion surrounding the school’s air conditioning.

This summer at NC, many small projects were done, LT Business Manager Brian Stachacz said. The roof on the study hall room was replaced with new clay tile, or terracotta.

“The study hall roof was leaking last summer,” Superintendent Tim Kilrea said. “The water caused some of the old lathwork under the plaster to come loose, and it hit some of the drop ceiling, which then fell down, so we knew we needed to replace the roof.”

The contract amount for the construction of the roof was $299,000. Those costs can be reduced or increased depending on how the project progresses, Stachacz said.

Additionally, air conditioning was added to NC in response to student complaints.

“Many students complain about the lack of it, especially in the hotter months of the school year,” Jane Stockbridge ‘19 said.

“The system that is used for air conditioning at NC is a machine called a chiller,” Stachacz said. “[It] was added [to NC] in 2014 as part of renovations [to] the cafeteria.”

When the chiller was installed, 85-90 percent of its capacity was used up, but there was still some left, Stachacz said. LT tapped into the rest of the chiller’s capacity in the summer of 2016, and air conditioned the rooms on the second and third floors of the building. The chiller is completely tapped out now, so if LT was to add more air conditioning to NC, an additional chiller would have to be installed.