Student excels with AP tests

Brandt Siegfried , Reporter

For Jeff Vitek ‘18, Advanced Placement (AP) classes are certainly a way to get ahead. He has already taken three AP tests, and is taking five more classes this year. Especially as a junior, taking this many tests is uncommon. According to statistics from the testing office, less than a quarter of LT students took an AP test last year.

Last year, Vitek was able to take three AP classes through carefully manipulating his schedule. He took sophomore-level chemistry in the summer prior to his sophomore year, allowing him to take AP Chemistry, in addition to AP European History and AP Physics 1.

“Standardized tests junior year definitely have some effect [on your schedule] just because you have to put in the time to study for them on top of your school work, which is harder junior year [with] sports,” Vitek said.

Vitek balances his work with his commitment to the LT swim team, where he swam at the state meet this past year. This year, Vitek is taking AP Spanish, AP English, AP U.S. History, AP Computer Science and AP Calculus BC. In addition to this heavy academic course load, he is planning to take all five AP tests. This accumulates to approximately 15 hours of testing. In his entire testing history, he estimates that he has spent over 70 hours studying for and taking standardized tests.