Chicago-based band releases first album

“Charmed” becomes The Knee-Hi’s debut

Charmed album cover.

Charmed album cover.

Hannah Race, Reporter

I first heard about The Knee-Hi’s about a year ago when I listened to their very first single, “Darlin’ darlin’” off of TikTok. I was instantaneously captivated by their music. Their vintage look was so magnetic to me that I immediately stalked all of the band member’s social media accounts. They were like their own walking Pinterest boards. Not only was their taste in clothing pristine, but I could see how that influenced the rock music they make.

So, when I found out that they were releasing their debut album on Feb. 2, 2022, I was super excited. They also announced they would be playing a concert, and I immediately was about to call my best friend and beg her to go with me, but it was only for people 21 and up. Needless to say, that disappointed me, but I was still looking forward to listening to their album, “Charmed.”

My favorite song off of their album is “Make You Mine,” because it really makes you think about the meaning behind the lyrics. The opening lyrics, “Listen up boys, here’s a taste of your own medicine” makes it clear that the song is a satire based on persistent and unwanted courting, from a female perspective. The woman in the song is basically saying that she’s not going to stop pursuing her crush until she gets the answer she wants. The subject of the song even gets a restraining order filed against her because that’s how creepy she is. The satire involved in the song is what makes it my favorite.

My runner up for favorite song is “Teenage Kicks,” because I really enjoy the sound of bass guitar and I think they utilized that sound to compliment the lyrics really well. I also was a big fan of the guitar solo featured in the song.

I thought that the music on this album fit with the singles The Knee-Hi’s had put out previously and that the story telling of the songs was very intriguing.

I had high expectations for this album and for the most part, they were met. Once I saw that they had “(Fast) Darlin’” as their last track, I was instantly intrigued. Their first song, “Darlin’ darlin’” is very sweet and slow, so I thought a fast version would be really fun. At first I liked it, but quickly felt like they were mostly shouting the lyrics instead of singing the notes I admired so much on the original. I think this made the end of the album feel underwhelming.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with “Charmed,” especially considering this is the Knee-Hi’s first album.

3.5/5 paws