LION Unsolved: The Unknown Murder of LT’s Alan Fredian

Maddie Gee and Jeanne Mardegan

Welcome back to LION Unsolved, the Lion’s very own true crime podcast hosted by juniors Maddie Gee and Jeanne Mardegan.  In this mini-series podcast, we will discuss crime cases in the Illinois area. This third installment is incredibly close to home as an unsolved LT murder is discussed. We’re hopping into the mysterious and all-spooky! Join us for the ride as we travel back to the 1970s when Alan Freidan was a sophomore on the night of the 1971 homecoming dance. Stay tuned until the end of the episode as this is merely part one to the discussion of the case.

LION Unsolved: The Unknown Murder of Alan Fredian

If you care to see real clippings from the case, as well as other unknown local crime that could be linked, check this out: Alan Fredian Clippings