LION Unsolved: The Criminal Minds of Leopold and Loeb

Maddie Gee and Jeanne Mardegan

Welcome to our second episode of LION Unsolved with Maddie Gee and Jeanne Mardegan. In this mini-series podcast, we will discuss crime cases in the Illinois area. Being that we’re both fans of the popular youtube series Buzzfeed Unsolved, it only seemed fitting that we continue the spirit of Shane and Ryan here at LT, and possibly get haunted by some ghosts as well. If you haven’t heard of Buzzfeed Unsolved, a case will be read, and we will add our commentary throughout. Arguably, the best part is that Jeanne has very little knowledge of the case and you will be hearing her genuine reaction while I tell her about it! We’re hopping into the mysterious and all-spooky! Join us for the ride. In this episode, we travel back to 1924 Chicago to discuss the murderous, secretly romantic duo of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb.

LION Unsolved: The Criminal Minds Leopold and Loeb