Staff Appreciation Shout Outs


thank you teachers drawing (courtesy of WordPress).

Nicole Klein, Website editor

LT LION newspaper staff would like to thank all the staff and teachers at LT. We appreciate everything you have done for us and everything you are doing during this time of social distancing. We thank you for making our transition to e-learning as smooth as possible due to your positivity and kindness. We want to thank all the amazing teachers that work at LTHS for all their hard work. On our Instagram, we asked students to tell us teachers who have been going above and beyond and we want to highlight a few special teachers:


The LT soccer coaches came to all the senior’s houses with posters and gifts on what would have been senior day:

“I felt celebrated and accomplished. Even though we’re not spending our senior year like we expected I’m still proud of the class of 2020 for making it this far.” –Abby Fox ‘20


The LT softball coaches came to the senior’s houses with posters and gifts as well:

“I was so surprised to see that there was a parade for me. It really cheered me up seeing my teammates and coaches all together.” –Payton McQueeney ‘20


Anatomy teacher, Angela Patel, wrote and sent handwritten cards to the students in her class:

“When I got my letter from Ms. Patel I was so happy to hear from her. She really cares about every one of her students and makes sure we know that.” –Bella Siciliano ‘20


Soccer coach and study hall teacher, Paul Godinho, made and dropped off empanadas to all the players he had ever coached that are now seniors:

“I felt really loved and it was so amazing and inspiring to me that after all these years (I was coached by him freshman year) he still cared about us to go out of his way to make us smile. It gave me hope that there are good people like him in this world.” –Mary Beck ‘20


Profe Amy Krausz has been checking in on her students, sending videos to make her students smile and doing everything she can to help them through this challenging time:

“When profe does Zoom calls and checks in she shows how involved of a teacher she is and how much she cares. She not only helps me stay motivated to do my work but also always wants to know how I’m doing.” –Julia Topor ‘20


Madame Elizabeth Martinez wrote cards for all her students’ birthdays before e-learning started and dropped them off at their houses:

“It was really sweet of her to come by and show that she’s still there for us”- Sam Kelly ‘20


Sylvia Tanious hosted a prom over zoom for the girls in her classes where they could wear their dresses and talk:

“It was really sweet of her because she totally didn’t have to do that but she chose to.” –Kate Happel ’20

If you have a teacher that has been going above and beyond, reach out to the LION through any of our social media accounts. We would love to hear from you and highlight them!