Tyler The Creator, made his second stop on his tour at the Credit Union One Arena in Chicago


Shearrill, Nina (506494)

Alfonso Fernandez, Reporter

“IGOR” is a new, daunting character in Tyler’s career. It is a vivid chronological album about the toxicity of love and relationships and presents listeners with new, soulful sounds with a twist of modern ones as well. This was all prevalent on his Sept. 4 performance.

At 7 p.m the concert started off with rappers Goldlink and Blood Orange, each with their own sets, gave the arena a different energy with each song. The openers had different colored stage lights with a DJ playing their most popular songs. The final opener, Jaden Smith, had a very futuristic atmosphere to his set. In the background, a screen played a select number of his music videos while a huge robotic eyeball changed shapes above him.

At 9 p.m the album’s intro, “Igor’s Theme,” rattled the whole arena. The building went pitch black while fans rushed towards the general admission area from the stands. The whole arena vibrated and the screaming audience echoed through the arena. Tyler came out dressed in a bold royal blue suit, black shades, and a stunning blonde wig.

The majority of the two-hour performance was composed of songs mainly from his latest album, but he also performed his popular songs such as “Yonkers” and “See You Again.” After “Igor’s Theme,” the performance transitioned into the pop song “I Think”, and then “Earfquake”. “Earfquake” was exactly what the audience had expected; the song vibrated the floor and set a romantic and mellow mood. The curtains behind him were pulled away to reveal an even larger set of shiny curtains, while he used lights the replicate the music video. The song consists of him pouring his heart out, while he plays piano. The verse by Playboi Carti was perfectly placed, his soft voiced rap perfected the aesthetic of the song.

With every song, a different set of colored lighting appeared. Backgrounds were curated for each song on the album. The song “See You Again”, displayed multiple photos of him dancing in a military form, while the song “She” appeared with purple and grey flashing lights.

The concert finished with the song, “Are We Still Friends?”, the outro on IGOR. The soulful harmony was a great finish to a concert. The background bass, guitar and raw singing presented added a fitting finishing touch. During this line Tyler displays the depth of the song and what relationships can result into, “Don’t get greenskin, keep contact. Don’t say goodbye, smell you later.” Throughout the progression of the song he slowly rose upon a lift bringing him above the crowd to grip the audience’s attention. Ending it with a vocally ear piercing cry, he left the stage without saying a word, leaving the audience in awe and desiring a closure.

Tyler presented multiple sides of himself, as an artist and performer resulting in an engaging concert. It was highly captivating and memorable not just because of his natural performing but his attire as well.