Olivia O’Brien concert review


Mia Bonfiglio, Reporter

An eager crowd filled the floor of Lincoln Hall on April 4, under the purple lights, as Olivia O’Brien walked out on stage. In a tank top, bomber jacket and biker shorts, she immediately gave off a strong stage presence as she danced around, singing an unreleased song. The venue was small but the cheers of the crowd flowed through the room, making it seem huge.

The up-and-coming artist debuted in a popular song by gnash called “i hate u, i love u” in 2017 that launched her solo career soon after. She has released many singles and one EP titled “It’s Not That Deep.” Her new album, “Was It Even Real?” will be released on April 26.

She started her set off strong, singing two of her most popular songs, “Tequilawine” and “F— Feelings.” Her smooth, passionate vocals made every song come to life. This was a great way to start off the concert and really got the crowd excited for the rest of the show.

Next she proceeded to sing many of her slow, sad songs. Most of her songs reflect on relationships and boy problems, so naturally her performance was very emotional. The crowd belted out the lyrics and many of the people around me cried, including my friends.

To lighten the mood, O’Brien joked around about all her downcast songs and sang a cover of “Nobody’s Perfect” by Hannah Montana, one of her favorite songs. The song fit perfectly into her set to transition to her more upbeat songs, which kept everyone’s energy levels high and brought her performance to an end.

After a brief “goodbye,” the crowd immediately chanted for an encore. As expected, O’Brien returned and performed three more songs. One of these was an unreleased song that will be on her new album and is her favorite song she has written so far. Finally, the concert came to a close with one of her newest songs “Love Myself.” The crowd was exhilarated and the concert flew by through each thrilling song.