Girls volleyball underway, strong start

Player makes important milestone, team forms new goals


Kamryn Lee-Caracci ’23 taps the ball wile defenders from Montini Catholic High School jump to block her (Ross/LION).

George Ross, Reporter

The ball flies over the net, on Aug. 26, as Abby Markworth ‘24 gets into position. This is the big moment she had been waiting for, she said. The ball races across the court coming right to her. She gets ready and sets the ball.That was the moment she had been anticipating: 1,000 assists in her high school career.

“It is super exciting that I was able to get 1,000 assists,” she said. “It is cool to see these milestones and see how much my volleyball game has changed from the beginning of my high school career.”

Being one of the top ranked teams in Illinois, LT has certain goals they would like to attain. Winning conference last year was a major accomplishment, it is something that the team would like to do again, Head Coach Jill Bober said. 

“I want to win it [because it is] super competitive, and it is incredibly difficult to win,” Bober said. “I would love to have that success, again especially against some strong ranked teams.

Winning it for two consecutive years is no small accomplishment.”

As always, the team enjoys bonding experiences outside of practice and matches. Team get-togethers and going out to eat some practices are commonplace during the season. One of the other ways that the team bonds while also supporting LT is by attending the boy’s soccer games. One of the team captains, Kamryn Lee-Caracci ‘23, says the team is very supportive of boys soccer and how supporting them brings bonding to the team.

“Last year, we were big on supporting boys soccer,” Lee-Caracci said. “We would drive to away games to watch and support them while also spending a lot of time together.”

One of the team’s biggest games was against Hinsdale Central, on Sept. 13, resulting in a 25-18/25-23 win. Like most schools, they have certain teams circled out on their schedule. Hinsdale Central is a game we look forward to, Bober said.

“[Hinsdale Central was] going to be more competitive this year,” Bober said. “We love playing [them], I have to say they are our rivals regardless.”

Although the team looks forward to Hinsdale Central, the players have far bigger schools that they are eager to play, Markworth said. Mother Mcauley is one of those schools in which all of the players looked forward to.  

“Last year we played them in the NC fieldhouse and it was one of my favorite games because of the energy in the gym,” Markworth said. “They are a very strong and competitive team which makes it fun for us to play against each other every year.”

Mother McAuley is also the toughest crowd to play against for some players, Amanda Hahn ‘23 said. 

“They always [have] a crazy turnout at their games,” said Hahn. “Mother McAuley is definitely our biggest rival.”

The team plays their next match against Metea High School on Oct. 3 at Metea.