Intramural soccer begins season

Student-led teams compete against each other

Scarlett Lestina, Copy Editor

As the cold winter months are upon us, indoor sports seasons have started. Rather than the typical winter sport season, intramural soccer is one of the after-school activities that draws a wide variety of attention, as it is a low pressure environment where students can take a break  from the stress of school.  

“It is a great opportunity to play competitive soccer games while building relationships with other students, getting great exercise, and having fun,” intramural soccer sponsor Michael Wiest said.

Intramural soccer does not have a consistent meeting day, but will either get together Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the SC Fieldhouse, where each team plays one 30 minute game. Since there is a range of eight to 12 people on the eight teams, intramural soccer is arguably one of the more popular intramural sports, with athletes and fans coming to cheer on the players.

“[Students] may not have the time to commit to playing on the school team or a club team,” Wiest said. “This provides anyone the opportunity to participate.”

Intramural soccer has unique rules that aren’t in regular soccer, Chloe Reynolds ‘22 said. For example, no punting is allowed, athletes can play off the walls, and no more than five varsity soccer players can be on a team. 

“You get to create your own team, which is so funny,” Reynolds said, captain of team Call Bobby Ginger. “It’s really fun to play with your friends and it’s so quick, so it doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day.”

During the intramural soccer season, which lasts from Nov. 2 to Jan. 27, each team will play around seven games, unless they make the playoffs, Wiest said. The season ends with a playoff bracket based on the records of the regular season. 

“It is a really fun environment, and the teams that participate do a great job of making it as fun as possible,” Wiest said.

A big factor that draws students to intramural soccer is their love for the sport, and the carefree environment without the pressure of winning, Wiest said. Students get to form teams, choose names, jerseys, and cheers. They also get to compete against other students from LT, that they might not have had an opportunity to otherwise.

“I wanted to have an intramural that would give us a break from the stress of school and be able to do something fun and active,” Neva Hamilton ‘23 said.