Upcoming season excites girls tennis players


Junior varsity tennis player Charlotte McNealy’ 22 smiling whilst swinging her racket at her practice. (Robert Sullivan/LION)

Aidan Wirtz, Reporter

The energy is high among new and returning girls tennis players this year, junior varsity player Charlotte McNealy’ 22 said. With other sports unable to proceed, theirs is one of the few up and running in the fall. Although there is uncertainty in the wake of a sport starting up during the pandemic, McNealy is very eager for the upcoming season to begin.  

“I’m hoping we do have a full season,” McNealy said. “I get to see all of my teammates which is one of my favorite things about playing every year.”

McNealy is just one of the returning players in the mix. Other JV players such as Charlotte Hession’ 21 and varsity players like Meah LaRocco’ 22, Maggie Ketchum’ 21 and Adaora Ezike’ 21 all contribute to the force of the LT girls team this year. It was apparent that tryouts were a little unusual, but the girls were willing to do whatever it took to get their spot, Ezike said.

“There were three different groups. Everyone had to wear a mask while entering and exiting the courts [and had to complete a] COVID symptom tracker form every day,” Ezike stated. “It’s my senior year, so I’m just really glad I get to play my last season with LT tennis.”

Not only are the players fired up, but junior varsity coach Jenna Reisch is also ready to go for the season ahead, she said. This year’s tennis will need some getting used to due to the many precautions and the decreased number of players and teams to verse. Nonetheless Reisch is excited to get started.

“Our season is modified, so we are only playing conference games,” Reisch said. “But I’m just happy to be on the court because I know many sports didn’t get that chance.”

LT girls tennis will continue to play strong throughout the season, head varsity coach Dave Robare said. 

“This is a season that nobody will ever forget, for a number of reasons,” Robare said. “The things we take away from high school experiences rely less on what happens on the court, but more on the bonds and friends we have made off it.”