Weirdos return to promote school spirit


Ben Catrambone ’20 (LEFT) and Ian Tawse ’20 (RIGHT) posed for a photo during a home football game (photo courtesy of Jack Kapp ’20).

Liz Gremer, Co-Art Director

The student section was filled to the brim on Sept. 6, the first home football game of the year. While eyes were on the team as they played, there was an equal attention to the Weirdos: LT’s renowned student section group.

During games, an eruption of screams and chants were echoed back from students in the stands, as they followed the group consisting of Jack Kapp ‘20, Drew Shadle ‘20, Ben Catrambone ‘20, TJ Adams ‘20, Michael Wilson ‘20, Arthur Chatt ‘20, and Chris Clarke ‘20. In between plays, music blared throughout the field, boasting a scene of excitement and engagement

“To be a Weirdo, to me, means to represent LT and to have Lion Pride,” Kapp said.

After the club was revived last year, school spirit at sporting events has been more alive than ever, Laila Griffin ‘20 said. Last year, the Weirdos earned a finalist spot in the IHSA Student Section Showdown. Additionally, the Weirdos posted hype videos on Instagram of each team sport. Due to last year’s success, the group plans to continue to build on last year’s legacy, Kapp said.

“We are going to take the same path as the Weirdos last year, and be as weird as possible,” Shadle said.

However, due to last year’s success, the group’s biggest challenge is living up to meeting the expectations they face from the school and students, Kapp said.

“The main challenge we face is the expectations from our school,” Shadle said. “The former Weirdos did a fantastic job. We want to do just the same for our year, and surpass the previous Weirdos if we can.”

Students have been positively reacting to the new Weirdos group, and supporting the shift, Griffin said.

“I feel like the Weirdos are doing a great job so far at leading the student section,” Griffin said. “To be honest, it’s not easy living up to last year’s Weirdos and meeting everyone’s expectations, but I’m sure they’ll just keep getting better and better.”

The main priority is to have bigger crowds in the stands, as well as increased attendance at sporting events in general, Catrambone said.

“My goal this year is to get the biggest fan section we can get for every game,” Catrambone said.

At football games, the Weirdos try to get the crowd excited and engaged. While it can be a struggle to keep the student section alive throughout the entire game, Weirdos help engage students by leading cheers, throwing out shirts, and playing music.

“The hardest part about engaging the crowd at the games is getting the [upper] half of the stands into the chants,” Kapp said. “To be fair, it is the freshman who typically sit up there, and freshman will be freshman.”

Prior to the games, the Weirdos hold meetings and make decisions regarding football game themes and what music will be played, Catrambone said. After the Hinsdale Central game on Oct. 25, the Weirdos will then begin to plan for the boys’ basketball season, including the Blackout game.

“Everyone is the fan section is considered a Weirdo,” Catrambone said. “Some Weirdos just have more school spirit.”