Ultimate Frisbee club prepares for upcoming season


The LT Ultimate Frisbee club practices to prepare for the upcoming session. (Sorice/LION)

Isabella Sorice, Photographer/reporter

Ultimate Frisbee club has returned for their spring season, with hopes of going to the Illinois State tournament in June. Coach Toby Casella admires the sport for its inclusiveness and the ability for anyone to learn how to play.


“Ultimate lets everyone play and work together as a team, and new players are able to learn the skills of the game quickly,” Casella said. “The rate of improvement is dramatic for new players.”


The club practices two times a week beginning in March, but also competed in a fall season. However, the practice and game schedule has not been released for its season yet. Though the team did not win any tournaments, they are hopeful for this upcoming season. Due to successful practices, Joe Bracero ‘19 wants to continue their upward streak and win more.


“For the upcoming games we want to be able to win our league again and beat some of the top teams in our upcoming tournaments,” Bracero said.


Although there were many positives that came from last season, Bracero is hoping to improve the team by having a more consistent group of returning players.


“A big challenge last season for us is we weren’t really organized, like some players came and went. We want to be able to have more commitment,” Bracero said.


Some of the other strong players include Jack Girard ‘19, and John Dizillo ‘19, because of their experience playing outside of school. Although the team has many talented members, there is a lack of girls playing for the club, Casella said.


“We would love for more girls to participate,” Casella said. “It’s a non-gendered club, anyone can come and join at any point.”


Since Ultimate is a club rather than an official sport, it has a more relaxed atmosphere, Casella said. There are no tryouts, and new players are always welcome.


“My favorite part of Ultimate is probably the game itself,” Bracero said. “Anyone can come out and play and have a good time. It’s competitive but at the same time it’s pretty relaxed.”


Girard is ready for a team-focused season, with hopes of finding more time to practice and to win a tournament.


“My favorite part about Ultimate is that as compared to other sports I’ve played, I feel like Ultimate is more team-oriented rather than individual,” Girard said.


To find the practice and game schedule when it’s posted, check the LT website or follow @frisbee_lt on Twitter.