Pack the Place Friday, be there

Tommy Layden, Assistant Sports Editor

It’s Friday, January 18th. You might go home and have nothing to do, you might have big plans: but none of that matters. There’s only one place you should be if you are a student at LT– NC field house, at the Special Olympics Basketball Pack The Place game. At the end of every week, LT students come out to support the basketball team and next Friday is even more important than most games. It is the only game that the Special Olympics team will have at the NC field house this year. This is your one and only chance to come out and have a blast supporting your fellow LT students. Assistant Coach Darwin Depina guarantees that you will have the best time you have ever had at a basketball game, he said.  So head over to NC’s field house at 5 p.m. to watch the blue team play RB, 6 p.m. to watch the gold team play HC and for the last game at 7 p.m. to watch the white team play York. In addition to coming out to the game, be sure to buy a T-shirt for $15 in SC and NC cafeterias.