Competitive Cheer returns for a third season at LT


Isabella Sorice, Photographer/reporter

Coming back for a third season at LT, the competitive cheer team has been preparing since this past spring. Varsity coach Demi Korpan has been watching the members grow and develop their skills over the past three years, and sees that each year they improve more by keeping them motivated and engaged.

“[The team] has been working very intensely during practices,” Korpan said. “There are different aspects that we are focussing on this year, such as all team tumbling.”

Competitive cheer is made up of a few main events: stunting, tumbling, and a routine which combines all aspects of the sport, she said.

Prior to their season beginning, the team held try-outs on Oct. 22 and 23. After adding new members the team will begin to create their routine, Korpan said. They have been practicing thoroughly, five days a week, with football and basketball game exceptions.

There are six competitions in their season, starting in December. Competitive cheer will also be performing at the All-school Assembly in February. This year, the team has added competing at sectionals  to its regular season.

“Competitive cheer this year has more talent, and we’ve progressed more in our stunting and adding to our routine,” Mya Haskins ‘20 said.

Haskins ‘20 is looking forward to a season with new talent and the chance to improve her skills.

“I enjoy learning new skills and trying new things during cheer,” Haskins said.

With three returning members on the team being upperclassmen, including Alexa Paterniti ‘20 and Lexi Geraci ‘20, Korpan hopes they will be able to help guide the new team members.

“All three of [the juniors] have stood out as leaders, since they know my expectations,” Korpan said. “They are able to help lead the lowerclassmen in the right direction and keep them focussed on their goal.”

Although the team is relatively new, Haskins has noticed their determination to improve, and how others are starting to take the team more seriously.

“Even though it’s our third year, I’ve been getting comments from people saying how impressed by our progression they are,” Haskins said. “This recognition helps us stand out against other teams.”