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NFL Mock Draft

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NFL Mock Draft

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With the draft being a few short hours away, we have spent the last two days compiling our first round mock draft.  We made predictions based on team needs, talent and what we believed would be an ideal fit.  Feel free to comment on this article with the picks you agree with or disagree with.  Or come to us personally, we love to talk NFL draft.  Watch the actual NFL Draft tonight at 7:00 p.m.


  1. Browns
    • Grant: Sam Darnold (QB, USC)
    • Lusson: Darnold (QB, USC)
    • Hayden: Darnold (QB, USC)
  2. Giants
    • Grant: Saquon Barkley (RB, Penn State)
    • Lusson: Barkley (RB, Penn State)
    • Hayden: Barkley (RB, Penn State)
  3. Jets  
    • Grant: Josh Allen (QB, Wyoming)
    • Lusson: Allen (QB, Wyoming)
    • Hayden: Baker Mayfield (QB, Oklahoma)
  4. Browns
    • Grant: Minkah Fitzpatrick (S, Alabama)
    • Lusson:  Bradley Chubb (DE, NC State)
    • Hayden:  Chubb (DE, NC State)
  5. Broncos
    • Grant: Quenton Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
    • Lusson: Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
    • Hayden:  Allen (QB, Wyoming)
  6. Colts  
    • Grant: Chubb (DE, NC State)
    • Lusson: Fitzpatrick (S, Alabama)
    • Hayden: Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
  7. Buccaneers
    • Grant:  Derwin James (S, Florida State)
    • Lusson: James (S, Florida State)
    • Hayden:  Fitzpatrick (S, Alabama)
  8. Bears
    • Grant: Tremaine Edmunds (LB, Virginia Tech)
    • Lusson: Edmunds (LB, Virginia Tech)
    • Hayden: Edmunds (LB, Virginia Tech)
  9. 49ers
    • Grant: Denzel Ward (CB, Ohio State)
    • Lusson: Ward (CB, Ohio State)
    • Hayden: James (S, Florida State)
  10. Raiders
    • Grant: Roquan Smith (LB, Georgia)
    • Lusson: Smith (LB, Georgia)
    • Hayden: Smith (LB, Georgia)
  11. Dolphins
    • Grant: Mayfield (QB, Oklahoma)
    • Lusson: Josh Rosen (QB, UCLA)
    • Hayden: Rosen (QB, UCLA)
  12. Buffalo
    • Grant: Rosen (QB, UCLA)
    • Lusson: Mayfield (QB, Oklahoma)
    • Hayden: Calvin Ridley (WR, Alabama)
  13. Redskins
    • Grant: Josh Jackson (CB, Iowa)
    • Lusson: Vita Vea (DT, Washington)
    • Hayden: Vea (DT, Washington)
  14. Packers
    • Grant: Isaiah Wynn (G, Georgia)
    • Lusson: Ridley (WR, Alabama)
    • Hayden: Ward (CB, Ohio State)
  15. Cards
    • Grant: Lamar Jackson (QB, Louisville)
    • Lusson: Jackson (QB, Louisville)
    • Hayden: Jackson (QB, Louisville)
  16. Ravens
    • Grant: Ridley (WR, Alabama)
    • Lusson: Mike McGlinchey (OT, Notre Dame)
    • Hayden: Maurice Hurst (DT, Michigan)
  17. Chargers
    • Grant: Connor Williams (OT, Texas)
    • Lusson: Da’Ron Payne (DT, Alabama)
    • Hayden: Payne (DT, Alabama)
  18. Seahawks
    • Grant: Vea (DL, Washington)
    • Lusson: Jackson (CB, Iowa)
    • Hayden: McGlinchey (OL, Notre Dame)
  19. Cowboys
    • Grant: Hurst (DL, Michigan)
    • Lusson: Courtland Sutton (WR, SMU)
    • Hayden: D.J. Moore (WR, Maryland)
  20. Lions
    • Grant: Marcus Davenport (DL, UTEP)
    • Lusson: Hurst (DL, Michigan)
    • Hayden: Hayden Hurst (TE, SCar)
  21. Bengals
    • Grant: Billy Price (C, Ohio State)
    • Lusson: Will Hernandez (G, UTEP)
    • Hayden:  Hernandez (G, UTEP)
  22. Bills
    • Grant: Hernandez (G, UTEP)
    • Lusson: Wynn (G, Georgia)
    • Hayden: Davenport (DE, UTSA)
  23. Pats
    • Grant: Harold Landry (EDGE Boston College)
    • Lusson: Rashaan Evans (Alabama)
    • Hayden: Mason Rudolph (QB, Oklahoma State)
  24. Carolina
    • Grant:  Moore (WR ,Maryland)
    • Lusson: Davenport (DL, UTEP)
    • Hayden: Jackson (CB, Iowa)
  25. Titans
    • Grant: Evans (LB, Alabama)
    • Lusson: Leighton Vander Esch (LB, Boise State)
    • Hayden: Vander Esch (LB, Boise State)
  26. Falcons
    • Grant: Payne (DL, Alabama)
    • Lusson: Taven Bryan (DT, Florida)
    • Hayden: Bryan (DT, Florida)
  27. Saints
    • Grant: Malik Jefferson (LB, Texas)
    • Lusson: Hurst (TE, South Carolina)
    • Hayden: Mike Gieski (TE, Penn State)
  28. Steelers
    • Grant: James Daniels (C, Iowa)
    • Lusson: Justin Reid (S, Stanford)
    • Hayden: Evans (LB, Alabama)
  29. Jags
    • Grant: Hurst (TE, South Carolina)
    • Lusson: Kolton Miller (OT, UCLA)
    • Hayden: Sutton (WR, SMU)
  30. Vikings
    • Grant: Bryan (DT, Florida)
    • Lusson: Price (OL, Ohio State)
    • Hayden: Williams (OL, Texas)
  31. Pats
    • Grant: McGlinchey (OT, Notre Dame)
    • Lusson: Rudolph (QB, Oklahoma State)
    • Hayden: Derrius Guice (RB, LSU)
  32. Eagles
    • Grant: Guice (RB, LSU)
    • Lusson: Dallas Goedert (TE, South Dakota State)
    • Hayden: Jaire Alexander (CB, Louisville)
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