Careers in gaming

Camilla Breen, Assistant Photo Editor

Video games have been a staple of modern media for many years, and show no signs of becoming less popular. It may seem simple to create a video game, but there is much more that goes into it. Below is just a fraction of careers available in the video game industry.

1. Game animator

Animators create the actual scenery, characters, and backgrounds of the game. Due to the increased popularity of video games in the past decade, animation classes are easy to come by, and will help you get a leg up in the industry—as opposed to self taught animation. Game animators are typically skilled at both 2D and 3D animation, and are typically very creative. (Average salary = $50,00)

2. Audio engineer

Audio engineers deal with all sounds in the game—the soundtrack, voice acting and sound effects of a game are what make certain games more appealing than others. To become an audio engineer, most people earn sound engineering degrees and learn how to compose music. The umbrella of jobs that include audio engineering is wide, and can also include performing the soundtrack as well. (Average salary = $30,000-$70,000)

3. Programmer

Programmers create all the coding and algorithms for the games. Utilizing computer science and proficiency in programming languages such as C++, the most popular programming language in game design, will all help to become a programmer. While the work may be taxing, it is the foundation of the video game. (Average salary = $72,000)

4. Game designer

Game designers essentially plan all the elements of a game: the setting, rules, story, characters, interface design, modes of play, and any objects, props and devices available to characters. To be a game designer, you need to have an understanding of all of the aforementioned careers and skills, and be able to communicate a vision to the various people on a team. (Average salary = $45,000- $120,000)

5. Artists

Although they may seem similar to animators, game artists usually deal more with graphic design instead of animation. Artists will create the preliminary sketches of characters and settings, as well as create the covers for the games. Artists are typically the most creatively inclined people working on a game, and lay the groundwork for the game’s visuals. (Average salary = $45,000)

6. PR/Marketing

Once a video game is fully created, it needs to be promoted by a marketing team in order for people to buy the game. Marketing and communications are both important aspects of this job; you need to be able to really sell the game or else it will flop. (Average salary = $56,00)

7. Game testing

The job of game testers is pretty obvious: to test the game for glitches, mistakes, or bugs. Not a lot of prerequisite knowledge or education is needed for this job, because game testers act as the average player when doing the tests. That being said, it is not as simple as it may seen, despite not needing a lot of qualifications; game testers usually spend most of the day meticulously re-testing just one scene of a game for glitches. (Average salary = $20,000)