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NBA trade-deadline analysis

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NBA trade-deadline analysis

Luke Lusson and Grant Campbell, Sports Editor, News Editor

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Lakers receive:  Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, first-round pick

Cavaliers receive:  Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Cavaliers:  B
    • Lakers:  A-
      • I truly believe that this deal helped out both teams. I liked it from the Lakers standpoint not because of getting Thomas, but because of the first rounder they gained and most notably, the $46.9 million in cap space they opened up for free agency this summer. For the Cavaliers, this deal makes their team younger and better defensively, which had to be a goal for Cleveland at the deadline. However, giving up a first round pick is not good for a team that may lose James this summer.
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Cavaliers:  A+
    • Lakers:  B
      • It was clear from day one that Isaiah Thomas and LeBron simply did not blend. Sure, Thomas has the skillset to complement LeBron nicely in Cleveland, but his hip injury kept him on the bench far too long, and when he returned he was clearly rusty.  Clarkson on the other hand, is a young (25) offensive weapon who can rack-up steals at an incredible rate.  Add in another 25 year-old forward in Nance Jr., and you have a great deal for the future.  Nance is a very raw and undeveloped player, but his youth and vertical should prove to be a valuable asset on the defensive end.  All thing said, this deal struck gold for Cleveland, even after giving up a first-round pick.

Cavaliers receive:  Rodney Hood, George Hill

Jazz receive:  Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose

Kings receive:  Joe Johnson, Iman Shumpert, second-round pick

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Cavaliers:  A
    • Jazz:  C+
    • Kings:  C+
      • I really like the two players that Cleveland added in this deal. George Hill brings a consistent game and veteran presence to the point guard position, while Rodney Hood is an efficient scorer that is still only 25 years old. For the Jazz and Kings, I’m not too high on their ends of the deal, even though the Jazz wanted to get rid of Joe Johnson and the Kings wanted to get rid of Hill. Neither team gained anything with real value in exchange for these veteran players.
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Cavaliers:  A-
    • Jazz:  C
    • Kings:  C-
      • Rodney Hood is one the most underrated players in this league. His shooting ability is uncanny, and his length is nearly unstoppable.  And, he’s YOUNG.  Before the cavaliers re-structured their roster at the deadline, their average age was 31.  Now, they acquired younger, more athletic talent.  For the Jazz, Jae Crowder is a great three-and-D player who could provide solid minutes as a six or seven man in their rotation.  Finally, the Kings got Shumpert, a player who hasn’t had a lot of minutes, and a second-round pick because they waived Johnson.  Clearly, they were just attempting to clear cap space and tank, so their grade is lower.

Heat receive:  Dwyane Wade

Cavaliers receive:  second-round pick

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Heat:  A
    • Cavaliers:  B
      • Dwyane Wade heading back to Miami just feels right. Even Wade himself admitted that while he spent time with the Bulls and the Cavaliers for the past year and a half, he had always still felt like a part of the Heat organization. Besides all the tickets and jerseys that this Miami-Wade reunion will sell, I think the Heat can use his playoff expertise and experience to their benefit with their already-promising team.
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Heat:  A-
    • Cavaliers:  B-
      • Seeing Wade in any jersey other than Miami is not only a crime, but a disappointment. He accepted a bench role after J.R. Smith complained about minutes, and he wasn’t a factor as a starter for the Bulls.  Seeing him back in true colors of Miami red and white should be interesting, and just feel right for the league and fans of the NBA.  I have a lot of respect for the Heat reaching out to the Cavs to get Wade, as well as to the Cavs for allowing him to end his career where he started.

Suns receive:  Elfrid Payton

Magic receive:  second-round pick

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Suns:  B
    • Magic:  C
      • It didn’t take much for the Phoenix Suns to snag former number 10 overall pick. Although Payton has shown little to no signs of becoming a viable option at point guard in the NBA, I don’t mind seeing the Suns taking a chance on him by only giving up a second-round pick. The Magic, on the other hand, have to be in agony over this deal because they waited too long to deal Payton and his value has only gone down.
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Suns:  B+
    • Magic:  C-
      • Elfrid Payton’s career hasn’t gotten off to the start many scouts and GM’s thought it would. One thing I remembered from his draft night was multiple scouts’ analysis of his jump-shot.  They said his midrange was already solid and his three-pointers would come naturally.  Well, not exactly.  He is not very successful at converting his jumpers.  But what he does have is youth, athleticism, quickness, defensive talent and a strong cutting game.  For me, that’s worth more than a second-round pick.

Knicks receive:  Emmanuel Mudiay

Nuggets receive:  Devin Harris, second-round pick

Mavericks receive:  Doug McDermott, second-round pick

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Knicks:  B+
    • Nuggets:  D+
    • Mavericks:  B
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Knicks:  A-
    • Nuggets:  C-
    • Mavericks:  D+

Pelicans receive:  Rashard Vaughn

Nets receive:  Dante Cunningham

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Pelicans:  B
    • Nets:  B-
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Pelicans:  B-
    • Nets:  C+

Bulls receive:  Noah Vonleh

Trail Blazers receive:  rights to Milocan Rakovic

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Bulls:  A-
    • Trail Blazers:  C-
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Bulls:  A
    • Trail Blazers:  F

Hawks receive:  Sheldon Mack

Wizards receive:  second-round pick

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Hawks:  B-
    • Wizards:  B
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Hawks:  B
    • Wizards:  B

Raptors receive:  Malachi Richardson

Kings receive:  Bruno Caboclo

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Raptors:  B
    • Kings:  B-
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Raptors:  B+
    • Kings:  C

Heat receive:  Luke Babbitt

Hawks receive:  Okaro White

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Heat:  B-
    • Hawks:  B+
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Heat:  C
    • Hawks:  B-

Pistons receive:  James Ennis

Grizzlies receive:  Brice Johnson, second-round pick

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Pistons:  B
    • Grizzlies:  B
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Pistons:  B+
    • Grizzlies:  B-

Bulls receive:  Willie Reed (waived), second-round pick

Pistons receive:  Jameer Nelson, second-round pick

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Bulls:  B-
    • Pistons:  B+
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Bulls:  C+
    • Pistons:  B-

Knicks receive:  Johnny O’Bryant, two second-round picks

Hornets receive:  Willy Hernangomez

  • Lusson’s grades:
    • Knicks:  B
    • Hornets:  C+
  • Campbell’s grades:
    • Knicks:  C-
    • Hornets:  B+
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NBA trade-deadline analysis