Donald J. Trump


Danny Kilrea, Copy editior

The 2016 election may be considered one of the most peculiar elections in American history. It became especially unusual when Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President.  It was unexpected that a reality TV show star and a beauty pageant owner would end up being the Republican party nominee.  While Mr. Trump has received tremendous backlash for his rhetoric and behavior, his inexperience in politics is why he could make a great President.

The most common saying Mr. Trump is known for is that he will build a wall on the Southern border of the United States. He even says that Mexico will pay for the wall.  The statement has gained popularity with many Americans, including Latino-Americans. Mr. Trump and these citizens are not anti-immigration, but want to know who is entering the country.  With the recent terror attacks around the world, that is not an unreasonable notion.  Documented immigrants agree with Mr. Trump because they want people to enter the country legally, like they did. 42- percent of American-born Hispanics disapprove of President Barack Obama’s actions to stop the deportation of undocumented immigrants, according to a Chicago Tribune poll.

Another stance Mr. Trump has prioritized is defending the Constitution and Second Amendment rights. Mr. Trump wants Americans to exercise their gun rights, but obtain the gun legally.  He believes that people are entitled to having a firearm as long as they pass a background check in a system where background checks will work as intended.

Mr. Trump believes improving the nation’s mental health system will help stop mass shootings. He will expand treatment programs around America because the majority of mass shootings are done by people with mental health issues and these people need help.  Allowing safe Americans to legally obtain guns is the best way to keep our country safe because the police can not be everywhere.

A frequent topic of conversation that Mr. Trump references is his refusal to support trade agreements. He smashes former President Bill Clinton for supporting NAFTA and ridicules Hillary Clinton for praising the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal while campaigning for the Democratic primaries. Mr. Trump’s rationale for not supporting any trade deals is to keep American jobs in our own hands. Mr. Trump’s criticism of NAFTA and ideologies against trade deals are why he has resonated so well those in the Rust Belt.

The reason Donald Trump’s campaign has constantly come under fire is solely because many people think he is a racist. However, that is not how the Mr. Trump campaign sees it.  He tells the truth and does not worry about being politically correct.  He says that he does not have time to be politically correct and that the country does not have time for it either.  If people are constantly worried about being politically correct, it makes it very tough to be honest about current issues.

A position that rarely comes up in the news is Mr. Trump’s education reform ideas. A Mr. Trump presidency would work with Congress to reduce the cost of college by offering federal tax breaks to colleges.  His overarching goal would be to help make sure everyone can attend the post-high school education they desire with ease and not worry about cost.

He is the man that the media constantly attacks, the man no one expected to run for president and the man that says issues as they are. Yet, against all odds, he has ended up as the Republican party nominee.  A notion that was ridiculous two years ago may end up becoming true on Nov. 8: Donald J. Mr. Trump leading our country in a new direction.