LaGrange Breakfast Cafe opens for business


Interior dining room of La Grange Breakfast Cafe located on 24 W Burlington Ave, La Grange, IL (Anderson/LION).

Cooper Anderson, In-depth editor

There is nothing better than going out for breakfast on a Sunday morning. As a breakfast food connoisseur, I knew I had to check out the brand new La Grange Breakfast Cafe, replacing the beloved and classic Cafe Calbay that closed its doors in June 2021. 

Immediately upon entering, I noticed how charming the interior of the cafe was, with plenty of natural lighting and having the vibes of classic American diners we all know and love. My party was greeted and welcomed to sit wherever we would like. There were plenty of booths lining the right side of the cafe as well as tables in the center. Like other diners, people can also choose to sit at countertop seats, giving them the ability to interact with the chefs, making for a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

I was very promptly served water and coffee, and began looking at the overwhelmingly delicious menu. I was very ecstatic to see how they served a variety of different omelets, which is one of my favorite breakfast foods. After careful thinking, I decided to go with the Denver Omelet ($11.99) and pancakes for my side. Initially I could not decide if I wanted savory or sweet, so I was glad I had the option to have both.

The food definitely did not disappoint, and arrived at the table fairly quickly. The Denver Omelet contained ham, cheese, onion, and red and green bell pepper. I typically order just ham and cheese omelets, but the addition of the onion and bell pepper spiced up the dish perfectly and made for a crisper bite. These both went wonderfully with the gooey and sharp cheddar cheese. This was served with hashbrowns as well, which is hands down my favorite part of every breakfast meal. They were perfectly crispy and golden brown on top while being soft underneath, adding a slight crunch to each bite. I always eat these with ketchup, which in my opinion truly elevates the simple yet delicious food.

I was equally excited to try the pancakes, which were two small pancakes stacked on top of each other with a generous amount of powdered sugar sprinkled on top. These seemed to be cooked to perfection, while being soft, fluffy, and having a deliciously sweet syrup to accompany it. I was very pleased with the amount of food I was given, and loved that I was able to have leftovers to enjoy at home.

Overall, my experience at the La Grange Breakfast Cafe was satisfying. Although I have no complaints about the food or exceptional service, I can’t say if it is somewhere I will be frequenting. There was nothing overly eye-catching on the menu, and from what I saw in my experience the food was pretty standard. That being said, it is exactly what one would expect when going to a breakfast cafe, making it difficult to critique. Other breakfast places in my area have more unique dishes that I love, and I think I will be remaining loyal to these places for breakfast. There can never be too many breakfast places in a downtown area, and the location, quality of food, and friendly ambiance earns its spot at the top of everyone’s list of places to try. Additionally, the meals seem to be reasonably priced making it an ideal place to go with friends or family. The La Grange Breakfast Cafe is located on 24 W. Burlington Ave., and is open on Tuesday-Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

4.5/5 paws