Celebrating our differences

Cooper Anderson and Myrna Cross

Every year when the cold rolls around, Christmas is the first thing on everybody’s mind. There is undeniable joy in the air when it is finally socially acceptable to put up that Christmas tree, decorate your house with vibrant lights, and to listen to the iconic Mariah Carey Christmas Album. 

However, it seems as though nobody stops to take a step out of their Christmas bubble and take a second thought for other holidays outside of their own culture. 

Embracing other cultures and their holidays and traditions is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. Teaching children to accept and appreciate other cultures from a young age is crucial to building respect for different beliefs, and to begin developing the realization that there is beauty in the differences of people that surround you. Celebrating our similarities, but also our differences, is a great chance to not only educate but also unite those of different backgrounds. As high school students attending a large public school, we have the privilege of engaging and connecting with peers from many different countries and cultural backgrounds, where we are able to see firsthand how the beloved holiday season means something different to everyone. Not only are there cultural differences at LT, but a variety of different religions are practiced among the student body that add to the overall diversity of our school community. 

We hope that this two page spread opens your eyes to the holiday diversity that is always around us, but specifically within our tight knit LT community. Acknowledging that the holiday you celebrate is not the only one and taking the time to recognize and embrace different holiday culture is so important in uniting communities.