Vines and Vinyls sets down local roots


The opening room of Vines and Vinyls, capturing the plant selection available for purchase (Cummings/LION)

Jaclyn Cummings, Reporter

Vines and Vinyls retired its traveling pop-up store and officially opened its doors to the Brookfield community on Sept. 21. Store owner, lifelong musician, and plant enthusiast Dylan Kozak began Vines and Vinyls in an effort to turn people on to music they might have otherwise never been exposed to, as well as help homes have more individuality. 

With a unique selection of expertly curated plants, as well as a wide variety of records that will excite music lovers of every genre, this small business cultivates a chill atmosphere that motivates shoppers to take time for themselves and explore many art forms.

Walking into the store, I was immediately greeted with an assortment of colorful plants in upcycled and repurposed pots. Going deeper into the store, I got to explore racks of new records, in addition to a gently used collection. At the very back of the shop, customers are given the opportunity to watch Kozak in his element as he creates his plant arrangements. Despite the small space available, Vines and Vinyls manages to keep individuals comfortable with organization and well-spaced set ups. Additionally, the business pays tribute to the retro aesthetic through its quirky decor, gentle background music, and a well maintained aromatherapy diffuser that made me wish I didn’t have to leave so soon.

Prices among the plant collection range from $15 to about $40 depending on size and arrangement. If you are searching for the perfect record, Vines and Vinyls has a wide selection, starting with classics like The Beatles, while also featuring folk artists like Muddy Waters that aren’t as well known. Most records are priced at $25, but if gently used, can be as low as $8. The unfortunate downside is that for those of us who don’t have record players, Vines and Vinyls does not sell any product variations that accommodate the devices you have. On the brightside, they do have record players available for purchase.

At the end of my visit to Vines and Vinyls, I realized that the store’s mission goes beyond selling products; it wants to give each customer a good experience. Kozak manages the store and went above and beyond to answer my questions and help me expand my music taste, as well as listen to what I already enjoy. On top of that, Kozak is looking to host exciting events to showcase neighborhood bands and help spotlight up-and-coming artists. 

The building itself can be difficult to find, as it is quite secluded in the neighborhood. Drive too fast, and you are sure to miss it. There are no major signs that grab your attention, which made me question whether or not I was at the right place. That being said, when I finally made it through the doors I immediately knew that this was a business that the community had needed. 

You can stop by the shop at 3730 Prairie Ave, Wednesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., as well as Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. You can also visit Vines and Vinyls instagram–@vinesandvinylchicago–to put plants on hold for store pick up, as well as order records online to be shipped right to your house.

RATING: 4/5 paws