Crawdaddy’s Seafood Boil opens up in DTLG


Interior of Crawdaddy’s Seafood Boil restaurant entryway (Cross/LION).

Myrna Cross, In-Depth Editor

Moving from the West Coast, I was shocked to find out how many people in Illinois hate seafood. Whether it’s due to us being miles away from any sea, or just the idea of eating creatures from the ocean, almost everyone I asked would tell me that they would not eat seafood. So, when Crawdaddy’s Seafood Boil was announced to be opening in La Grange, I was ecstatic to try it out.

For almost two years, a “coming soon” sign was hung on the outside of the building, which naturally made me more curious. When it was finally opened to the public, I knew I had to go. I went with a friend of mine, who also enjoys seafood. 

While at first I was skeptical about the restaurant being in the basement, I was pleasantly surprised by the decor and effort they put into making an “under the sea” atmosphere. The restaurant was covered in ocean decorations such as a giant crab, anchors, fishing nets, helms along the wall, as well as a shark you could take a picture with in the front room. They had a large bar area, but still kept it friendly for customers of all ages.

It was super easy to get a table with no wait at all on a weeknight; we were able to be seated in a booth immediately. It wasn’t packed, but there were about four other groups of people seated. The table was lined with a paper cloth to prevent any messiness from reaching the booth. Gloves, plates, napkins, a bib, and a bucket to put your leftover shells in come with each meal. 

Their menu takes you through how to order a seafood boil if it’s your first time. On one menu, it displays the meat you can choose along with the prices per pound. On the other, it lets you choose what kind of sauce you want, how spicy you want it, and any extra add ons. Everything was super expensive, especially the pound of king crab that was $74. This is understandable, however, considering how much the meat and shipment is. We were doing a seafood boil on a budget, so we only chose two types of meat–lobster and shrimp–along with water to drink. We chose the Daddy’s Trio Sauce, which is a mixture of all the sauces, or, as they like to call it, “a little bit of everythang.” We kept the heat mild, considering the menu warned you to choose wisely. As our add ons, we chose potatoes, corn on the cob, and sausage. Because we got a relatively small boil, it only took them about 10 minutes to deliver us our food.

It arrived on a silver dish in a large plastic bag, and the first thing we noticed was how amazing it smelled. The lobster was $25, and the headless shrimp was $18. Despite the lobster being expensive, I don’t think the quality was up to par with the pricing, considering the size of it. The shrimp however, was delicious and worth every penny. They provided me with an abundance of shrimp, which I was very pleased about. 

Unfortunately, the add ons were a bit disappointing. While the potatoes were delicious, the sausage tasted too much like a hot dog, and despite the amazing flavor incorporated in the corn on the cob, the texture was far too mushy. 

Despite some downfalls with the food and pricing, it was a great way to have fun with a friend and eat to our heart’s content. This is definitely something I would try again, which is why this restaurant opening is definitely worth the visit. If you’re against seafood, give it a try, and maybe you’ll change your mind. Try it out in the basement of Casa Margarita at 32 South La Grange Road Monday. to Thursday. from 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Friday.

3/5 Paws