Deplorable Behavior pursues music careers

Student band welcomes new members


LT student band Deplorable Behavior performs for audience at block party in La Grange Park (photo courtesy of Nate Spratford).

Myrna Cross, In-depth editor

Deplorable Behavior is one of the many student bands within LT. After playing together throughout the past year, the band has recently been revamped and went from having eight members to six. They usually play funk, jazz, and a little bit of pop. Though many of the past members have graduated in the class of 2022, the group is excited to welcome new band mates.

The band started last September when LT graduate Wolfie Burtner ‘22 asked the Jazz Ensemble if anyone was interested in playing music outside of school, saxophone player Nate Spratford ‘23 said. They compiled a group and practiced in his basement a few times before playing their first gig at a block party. 

“If you don’t have trust and communication, you’re not going anywhere,” Spratford said. “Music teaches us to communicate without words in the same way that body language does. The feeling of going up with your bandmates — maybe not even knowing what you’re gonna play, but trusting that you can communicate through music is so important.”

The band started out by someone just playing a chord and everyone would catch on, Spratford said. As the band continued to practice, they created tunes such as their signature song “G’Louise” and Spratford’s original song, “No Problems.”

Another original member of the band is Leo Dempsey ‘24, who was asked 24 hours before a show to fill in on bass and soon became a crucial part of the group.

“Student bands serve as a social thing as well as an artistic thing,” Dempsey said. “Music is such an emotional part of life that can help with anything, really.” 

Dempsey hopes to keep the band up and running even after the class of ‘23 members graduate. 

New guitarist Charlie Wolcott ‘24 is excited to work with the rest of the band, he said. 

“It’s an outlet for me mostly because I just love making music,” Wolcott said. “It’s a way to express yourself and work with friends, it’s a really great experience.”

Other members include John Crandall ‘24 on the trumpet, LT alumnus Alex Leon ‘22 on drums, and Hinsdale Central graduate Reid Bergquist ‘22 on the keyboard. The band has played many venues such as their recurring gig at the La Grange Country Club, a show at the Stadium Club at the Max, and their most recent at the West End Arts Fair in La Grange on Sept. 10. Their most popular venue, however, is block parties and graduation parties. 

“The music ensembles at LT are incredible,” Spratford said. “But in a band there is so much space and freedom to fail and create something new and incredible. Student bands give musicians at LT a chance to grow and find themselves in a way that they can’t within musical ensembles.”