Chad’s Cheesecake opens second location in Downtown La Grange


Three signature cheesecakes from Chad’s Cheesecake (Anderson/LION).

Cooper Anderson, In-depth editor

Chad’s Cheesecake–the newest dessert store brought to the La Grange area–opened this past April and offers a variety of different flavors and types of their signature cheesecake. What started out as a family recipe shared at gatherings, eventually shifted into a business with its first location in Willowbrook. After a few years of gaining success and praise online, a new location was opened this summer for La Grange residents to enjoy their sweet treats. 

Upon entering the store, I noticed it had a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There was a lot of natural lighting with bright, neutral colors which made it seem very inviting and new. I was immediately greeted by the cashier who directed us to the cheesecakes located in the freezers and fridges adjacent to the front entrance. 

There was a fridge for cheesecakes that you could enjoy in-store at the tables, and there was a freezer which was recommended if you are bringing them home, so they stay as cold and fresh as possible. There were individual slices available in all different flavors ($6.49). They had mini squares of cheesecake that came in packages of four and were bite-sized ($6.49). They also had party packages which were 24 squares of all of their different flavors ($24.99), and even had family sized cheesecakes which are your classic circular cakes ($55.99). You could pre-order anything on the menu and pick it up in store if that is more convenient. 

Even though it was a difficult choice, I ended up choosing the individual slice of the turtle cheesecake, and a four pack of bite-sized pieces which included key lime, strawberry, Oreo, and lemon. Additionally, I got an individual slice of the classic cheesecake. 

First, I tried the plain cheesecake, and I was highly impressed. It was incredibly soft and sweet. Although it was amazing, there isn’t much else to say about it because it is just plain. I moved on to trying some of the bite-sized pieces. The only two I wanted to try were the Oreo and key lime, because strawberry and lemon are not my favorite when it comes to dessert, but I had to get them because there were limited options with the four-pieces. The Oreo tasted exactly as I had expected with Oreo crumbles and a chocolatey-crumbly crust. It was very light and sweet and perfect for Oreo lovers. I enjoyed the key lime cheesecake and it had a nice, sweet flavor, but I wish it had more of a refreshing lime flavor. Overall, both were very good and perfect for bite-size pieces to share with others and to have a variety.

My favorite of them all was the turtle cheesecake. I was excited to try this because I love turtle sundaes, which include the toppings caramel, fudge, and pecans. This slice had all of those toppings but was on a fluffy piece of plain cheesecake, which made for a great taste. I would definitely go back for this flavor. 

Overall, I enjoyed my experience trying items from Chad’s Cheesecake. The total for all three items ended up being $21.48 after tax, which in my opinion is reasonable considering the quality of cheesecake being sold. Located at 15 W Harris Avenue in Downtown La Grange, Chad’s Cheesecake is the perfect place to go if you want something sweet after dinner, or looking for a sweet treat to bring to a social gathering. If you happen to be walking down Harris Avene and stumble upon Chad’s, make sure to go inside and check it out.