In and Out of the Classroom

Macy Hepokoski, InDepth Editor

After starting 2021 in a hybrid model last school year, we are officially ending 2021 fully in person. I’ve got to say, tests are definitely harder without my notes open on the left of my computer screen, but despite everything, being back in the crowded halls and staircases of LT has felt like a breath of fresh air. 

As someone who went in-person every possible chance last year, the complete change of atmosphere feels as if I attended two different schools. I remember having classes with only two other students in-person, while the other 20 were just squares on a screen. The relationships you make through school are something that we all lost last year. Whether it be with teachers or students, those relationships are sometimes the only thing that gets me through each day, and Celsius of course. 

I cannot say I don’t miss waking up at 9 a.m., clicking a few buttons to go to class and then going back to bed, but last year school completely lacked personality. This year has made me remember what high school truly is, the good and the bad. 

My first day back, I was convinced that everyone was going to be silent and uncomfortable, but it was the complete opposite. It was as if everyone had just resumed where we left off in March 2020. By 8 a.m., these nerves were relieved, as my teacher actually had to ask us to quiet down, and I realized that last year was a completely incorrect version of high school. 

My bed was definitely more comfortable than a desk, and my house actually had moderate temperatures, but last year it felt as if everyone was just going through the motions without any depth. Classes seemed to just pass by and were both unmemorable and uneventful, contrasting the random tangents and conversations that happen in-person. I think most people forgot what school was actually like. 

Personally, I believe school is a lot more than just the classes you take. Whether it be meeting up with friends during passing periods or trying to meet in the bathroom during study hall, school can be a major social outlet. As tiring as being back to school can be, I’ve got to say that we are ending 2021 on a much higher note than we started. 

Besides, a loud class party beats a silent Zoom class every time.