Sweetgreen restaurant opens location at Oakbrook Center

Sustainable restaurant advertises a variety of whole, healthy food


One of Sweetgreen’s popular dishes is the Harvest Bowl (McLean/LION).

Emme McLean, Managing Editor

Huge green glass doors and bustling voices welcomed me as I entered Sweetgreen at the Oakbrook Center. They had a recurring color scheme of bright, neutral colors that complemented their sleek and modern layout. The menus were colorfully displayed overhead as I was directed by neon signs to the end of the assembly line labeled “Place My Order.” 

After entering into the beautifully lit space, however, I made it about two inches before being stopped by a dreadfully long line spanning all the way to the door. On a late Sunday afternoon, this was the last thing I would expect. Normally lines like these move productively, but with only two workers on shift, it took nearly 25 minutes to even get near the front. Nonetheless, this time allowed me to fully absorb the variety of the menu which was separated into four main sections: “Sides & Drinks,” “Warm Bowls (with greens + grains),” “Salads (all greens),” and “Specials.”

I loved that all of the food was prepared right in front of me as I trailed down the line so I could adjust the amount of dressing, toppings, and salad in my meal. Going along with their whole and healthy vibe are their compostable bowls and cutlery that your food is served with. 

The first (and the best) meal I tried was the Hot Honey Chicken Plate ($12.95), which was served with chicken, sweet potatoes, kale cabbage slaw, almonds, quinoa, and hot honey mustard sauce. Every component perfectly complemented one another with the crunch of the almonds as the finishing touch.Typically, I avoid kale in most of my meals since I dislike the thick texture, but when eaten along with the quinoa, sweet potatoes, and chicken, it brought everything together. The best part of this meal was the hot honey mustard sauce that was concocted with the perfect amount of sweet, tangey, and spicy ingredients, which added flavor to every element of the plate. 

I then tried the Super Green Goddess Salad ($9.95) along with the Rosemary Focaccia ($1.95). While I appreciated the variety the lentils and chickpeas offered, the mixture of kale, spinach, and cabbage overwhelmed the taste of everything else. The green goddess ranch resurrected the meal and added just the right amount of tang to the salad. Personally, I am not a huge fan of raw vegetables and this salad had one barley chopped raw beet, which should’ve been left off. Although slightly dry, the Rosemary Focaccia was perfectly warmed and added a great touch to the three meals. 

Of course, I had to try the Harvest Bowl ($11.95), one of their most popular items. As I went down the assembly line, I left off the goat cheese–which I was told added a great tang to those who can eat it. I enjoyed this meal a little more than the salad because it had less greens and more chicken, rice, and potatoes, which all blend nicely together.  A generic vinaigrette is served with the bowl, adding a good amount of moisture, but not too much to overpower the flavor of the sides. 

All in all, I think Sweetgreen is a great alternative to the typical American-style food we find in LaGrange. This kind of food would be appreciated more by young adults/adults rather than children, since it is made entirely from whole foods and doesn’t offer a typical kid’s menu. The meals felt slightly heavier than a normal salad would, but the portions are very large and saves you some left overs for the following day. 

The Sweetgreen location in Oakbrook is located at 1817 Oakbrook Center and is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. 


Rating: 4/5 paws