Latinos Juntos club celebrates latinx heritage month

Events take place at LT to commorate latinx community

Gabriella Rauf, Indepth Editor

Last year LT was unable to celebrate Latinx Heritage month due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, Latinx Heritage month–which runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15–has been celebrated this year. The director of equity and belonging, Dr. Jennifer Rowe and the Latinos Juntos club have planned a series of events for the month. Their goal is to celebrate and call attention to the month at LT, co-president of the Latinos Juntos club, Janessa Mosqueda ‘22, said. 

“Our community has done so much to benefit the United States,” Mosqueda said. “[Latinx Heritage Month] is an overall celebration of all the different Latino cultures.” 

The Latinos Juntos club is planning a night called La Loteria, where members of the school and community can enjoy cultural activities and watch presentations aimed at Latino excellence, co-president Angelica Borrego said.

“Getting everyone involved in celebrating authentic Hispanic culture is the goal,” Borrego said. “I hope everyone can learn something new.” 

On Oct. 5, there was a virtual poetry talk with Puerto Rican writer Noel Quiñones where teachers were able to sign up their third period class to watch and to discuss, Rowe said. The Latinos Juntos club members emceed this event. 

Additionally, the LT Reads Book club is reading “The Poet X,” a poetry book by Afro-Latina Elizabeth Acedo, and discussing it on Oct. 15 during fourth and fifth periods.

Ultimately, school is about learning, exposing, and thinking critically, Rowe said. Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month at the school allows students to stop and reflect on the Latinx community’s impact on this country, honor them, and keep these thoughts centered in the days moving forward. 

“It’s important that what we celebrate defines who we are,” Rowe said. “When you come to a community and a school like this, it’s so powerful for us to actually be able to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of Hispanic Americans to our country.”