Decade in review

Adriana Serrano, reporter


Final Exam exemption policy changes

The initial policy stated that having three or more absences from school would result in a loss of exemption. The new policy includes not being late to a single class four times, having a C- average or better in all classes, no unexcused absences as well as not having received strict disciplinary action.


Final Exams move before winter break

The change in the academic calendar results in students taking final exams before the two-week break to allow for faster grading and unneeded studying over break.


LT adjusts to Infinite Campus program

The school took the step to switch from the previous data-sharing system Central Information Management System (CIMS) to Infinite Campus allowing for easier access to grade updates for students and teachers.


LT Waterpolo takes state title

LT boys waterpolo defeats Loyola and became the first public school to win the state championship.


LT places greater emphasis on school safety

Required by state law, LT began holding one hard lockdown drill during the year, while also holding three fire drills and two shelter-in-place drills. Adding on to that, LT began to incorporate a full time police officer at SC and part time one at NC.


Dr. Brian Waterman takes over as Principal of LT

LT welcomes Waterman to take over for retiring Principal David Franson, who had held the position for a decade.


Girls gymnastics wins state championship two years in a row

LT girls gymnastics obtains another state championship success after their previous state title achieved the year before.


New and improved NC Cafeteria and Reber Center

The cafeteria and Reber Center started construction the summer of 2014 following into the 2015 school year. These new renovations allowed for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing location for student dining and gatherings to take place.

Revival of the Weirdos causes school spirit to ignite once again

The student run crowd amps up the student section at basketball games and increases enthusiasm throughout halls.


Dress code policy changes and phone usage

The old policy regarding no phone usage and strict dress code is abandoned in order to make sure students feel “comfortable and confident [in] school,” Principal Dr. Brian Waterman said.


Swim and Dive wins back to-back state title

LT boys swim and dive team win the state title two years in a row after previously winning in 2016, making history in LT swimming.


All-school Cancelled

Administrators made the choice to cancel the annual assembly out of safety concerns due to threats that were directed towards the event.

Student led walkout

Co-organizer Taylor Koc’18 and a group of LT students organized a school walkout to bring awareness to gun violence after the tragedy involving the Parkland shooting.

 Bluepoint system

LT administration took action to improve school security by implementing this system that when activated during lockdown will notify the police.


ALICE Procedure

The Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate (ALICE) procedure prepares students and staff when responding to dangerous scenarios that occur, which provides the options to decide what is necessary for themselves to secure safety.


Wi-Fi provided for students

Wi-Fi becomes accessible for students to utilize with their personal devices at school.