Better than the Movies

Mia Bonfiglio, Co-Pulse Editor

Walking down the jam-packed, humid hallways, the first day of freshman year completely squashed all of my preconceived notions of what high school would be like. Throughout my younger life, I was obsessed with the ‘High School Musical’ movie series. The sudden flash mobs and constant singing led me to believe that high school was a whirlwind of unrealistic fun.

In reality, there is no sneaking to the rooftop gardens to dance in the rain or chanting “summer” as the clock counts down. As much as I wish my experience at LT could be everything in the movies and more, it has not been, but I’m thankful for that.

Personally, I love high school. The community LT has created has made me feel so comfortable with all of the people surrounding me and has given me the opportunity to really strive to meet my fullest potential. My teachers have been some of the most influential people in my life, which is not something everyone can say at other high schools. I have learned more than just school subjects, as many of my teachers have taught me unforgettable life lessons. I will never forget my Spanish teacher confiding in our class about how she lost her best friend in high school, encouraging us to cherish every moment with everyone.

Besides the actual school aspect, I have found friends who I know will last a lifetime. I became friends with my current friend group through the lacrosse program as a freshman and I’m so thankful for it. The social aspect of sports games and school spirit is also one of my favorite things about high school. The football games under the lights and the packed stands are one of the only things that has felt somewhat like a movie. I love the sense of family everyone brings whenever we are doing something to represent LT.

As a senior this year, I can confidently say that my high school experience has been nothing like the movies. So I may not have broken out in song and dance during passing periods, but I have had an unforgettable journey at LT.