Photos: All School Assembly 2019

Photo gallery of the 18th All School Assembly

Camilla Breen, Pulse Editor

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  • Member of the Eurythmic Dance Company preforms their routine at the 18th All School Assembly.

  • LT Steppers provide musical entertainment through an engaging and interactive routine.

  • LT Cheerleader gets into the spirit at the All School Assembly.

  • LT Senior Dance group Rockettes-style kick line

  • Senior Dance Group clown around.

  • Performer rolls during their performance.

  • Members of the Student Council hype up the crowd.

  • Eurythmic Dance Company performer engages in their routine.

  • LT student does the splits during the 18th annual All-school Assembly.

  • Participants play a Hungry-hungry hippos-esque game.

  • LT weirdos work the crowd during the assembly.

  • An aeralist kicked off the 18th All-school.

  • LT student brought onto stage by a member of a circus company that preformed during the All-school.

  • Cheerleaders moves together during their routine.

  • LT's Junior Class Board attempt to knock over pins during the class-on-class competition.

  • LT studetns run during the All-school Assembly.

  • Kris Costopolous embraces a student during the assembly. Because of her anticipated retirement, the assembly honored here for starting the All-school 18 years ago.

  • Member of Athletes committed to excellence hurl a ball in hopes of dunking water on an LT teacher.

  • LT teacher gets wet.

  • Principal Dr. Brian Waterman gets dunked during the All-school Assembly.

  • Cheerleader stands triumphantly on top of the human pyramid.

  • Noil and Nessie roam the field house during the 18th annual All-school Assembly.

  • LT staffer Mary Okkema limbos in the annual Tab vs LION competition.

  • Members of the Senior Dance Group react to the affairs of the All-School.

  • LT students announce the return of the King of Hearts Dance as a fundraiser for Rellay for Life.

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