LT student aims to help others with blog


Isabel Tuisl, Reporter

Being a teenager in high school is difficult enough alone. The addition of mental illness can further complicate schoolwork and social situations for those students. Skyla Stillo ‘19 understands this more than anyone, because she has been in that position before. In fact, she is in this position right now, and wants you to know that you are not alone. Stillo has decided to embrace the labels that have been put on her through her new blog, “Unlabeled,” which is directed towards helping others through their struggles as well.

“When I was hospitalized, we were talking about labels one day,” Stillo said. “We don’t realize it, but a lot of times we wake up in the morning and label ourselves, instead of just letting yourself be you.”

She made her blog because she has been going through depression and chronic anxiety for about two years, Stillo said.

“People take being hospitalized as a negative thing, but I want it to be positive by finding the light in the darkness,” Stillo said.

Stillo is not only inspiring the readers of her blog by sharing her story, but her classmates as well.

“At the beginning of the period during our weekend highlight reel that we do on Mondays, Skyla mentioned that she set up a blog that encouraged people to share their stories and who they truly are, not just the labels that have been put on them,” Skyla’s English teacher, Nicole Gallicchio, said. “A number of her classmates grabbed a sign-up sheet for her project.”

The project refers to a compilation of videos that Stillo is acquiring from her readers, Stillo said. She will record videos of them for her blog, who can talk about anything from their struggles to what they love about themselves.

“In the beginning of their videos, I’m going to ask them what labels they think people put on them and the labels they put on themselves,” Stillo said. “I painted the wall with chalkboard paint, so they’re going to write the labels on the wall, talk about their story, and at the end, we’re going to erase all of the labels.”

Stillo wants to end the negative stigma attached to mental health, and help people with their self-confidence and loving themselves more than they ever could, she said.

“I hope that [Skyla’s blog] becomes very popular and that she gets a lot of following through it,” Skyla’s friend Sara Pucci ‘19 said. “I’m really excited for her because I know how much she wants to help everyone and make sure that everyone knows they’re important to her.”

Visit Stillo’s blog here to read her posts: