Pilar’s playlists edition 3

Pilar Valdes, Assistant Pulse Editor

Heyyy everyone! It’s Pilar again! I hope you enjoyed “yams for dinner”. Since that playlist was so mellow and lowkey sad, here’s a more upbeat playlist for you. It’s called “sixteen and thriving” because you know I’m 16 and arguably, thriving. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be 16 or thriving to listen to this playlist, you just have to love some bops.

This playlist is full of pop, 80’s-inspired synth dance music. It’s super upbeat and uplifting. It actually started as a playlist that only consisted of female leads, but there were a few songs that I just couldn’t leave off, so there are some male led songs: mostly female. It’s a longer playlist at 92 songs, and it plays best on shuffle.

Favorite song: S.L.U.T. – Bea Miller. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I listen to a song that supports the objectification of women?”, and trust me, I had the same thought. But then I listened to this song. Despite what the title implies, it actually empowers women to love themselves, and works to reclaim the word to stand for “Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing” and not it’s normal meaning. So take a listen, I really think you will be pleasantly surprised by the lyrics and beat to this song.

Hidden gem: Let’s Dance to Joy Division- The Wombats. This song is a straight jam. Any song with the word “dance” in the title already has me excited, because if there’s anything I love to do when I listen to music: its dance. The British band has such a high energy feel in this song that makes you wish that you were in a pub in London dancing to Joy Division. I guess my 1998 Honda CR-V will have to suffice for now.

Artist to watch for: HAIM– They are a band of sisters. Yes, a band! Not a girl group! Their rock beats, heavy bass and relatable lyrics make it hard to not find yourself dancing along. With two albums out, the sisters have a lot of music in their repaturare making them worth the listen.