Pilar’s playlists edition 2

Pilar Valdes, Assistant Pulse Editor

Ok, so for the second edition of this blog thing that we’re calling a blog even though I hate that word. Dawg with a blog, right?

But back to the subject; this week’s playlist much more mellow than “still got lightning in me”; and after the Black Mirror episode that was last week, I think we could all use a little calming down. But don’t worry: this playlist is still full of jams; or “yams” as my brothers and I like to call them. Which is why this playlist is called “yams for dinner”  

This playlist is almost exclusively acoustic music. I tried to feature calming guitar and piano playing, along with strong lyrics. Because, like my brother once told me: “lyrics are like peanut butter, they’re just there to compliment the jam.” This is for sure one of my most repetitive playlists: mostly featuring music by The Lumineers. Their mellow, acoustic music is perfect for the type of vibe this playlist gives. Whether it be for studying, relaxing and driving alone at night, I highly recommend this playlist for anyone who is looking to chill out.

Favorite song: Leaving, on a Jet Plane- John Denver. Why do all girls have the universal experience of listening to this song with their dad? I don’t know, but either way this song is super good. If you haven’t told your dad you love him today, please listen to this song: it will make you want to let him know.

Hidden gem: Feeling Whitney- Post Malone. I know what you’re thinking: “Post Malone on a mellow, acoustic playlist?” Yes. Listen to this song. The first time I heard this I honestly thought it was by The Lumineers or another mellow band, in that genre. Post’s use of acoustics in this song is beautiful, and it really displays a side of him that hits like “rockstar” and “Congratulations” don’t capture.

Artist to watch for: Father John Misty. Oh my. This man redefines what lyric writing is. All of his songs are like poetry, and are so artfully crafted. Each time you listen you hear a new layer that you had never noticed before. He somehow manages to mix social commentary with the universal experience of living your life. Honestly, I can’t stress how talented he is, with 3 albums out and a single just released he has a lot of music out there, and I’m surprised he hasn’t blown up yet. I have now doubt he will in the near future: look out for him.