Nintendo gives sponsorship to LT senior

Plays, posts reviews of company’s video games, creates YouTube videos

Isabel Tuisl, Reporter

Every night, Cole Flott ‘18 sits down at his computer and writes for his website,, for which he reviews a Nintendo game series titled Yo-kai Watch. The website that he coded from scratch has accumulated to a community of a few thousand people over the span of a year and a half.

Flott is a Nintendo Brand Ambassador and uses his YouTube channel, 101leafy, and his website as platforms to advertise the company’s games, he said. Up until last October when he landed the position, he had been working towards his current job since he was in seventh grade.

“What game development companies do is they send out early copies of their games to people that write about them, so they can cover the games, [and] when the game is released, there is already information out about it,” Flott said. “Since [I’d] been covering [Yo-kai Watch] for [Nintendo], I asked them [if I could] get a review copy of a game that [they’re] going to be coming out with in a few weeks, so that I can cover it for my website.”

When Flott sent in this request to Nintendo, the company said they could not just send him one game, but they also made him a brand ambassador, and he now receives several games.

“I have not been working on my website lately because there has [not been much activity] for Yo-Kai Watch, but the series’ new game titled Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters, comes out on Sept 29,” he said.

Currently, he is working on the review for the new game and will post it to his website.

Matt Burns ‘18, a friend of Flott, shows support to Flott’s sponsorship.

“There are people who are a lot older than Cole, and more experienced than [him], and don’t get free games and deals with Nintendo,” Burns said. “I knew from the start that getting paid to play video games was Cole’s dream.”