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Stan’s donuts disappoints

Grace Palmer, Pulse editor

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As I walk into the new District area of the Oak Brook shopping mall, I was welcomed into a warm and modern take on a food court. With a variety of options such as Mexican, barbeque, pizza, Greek and burgers, it caters to every typical American’s food needs.

In the corner of the food court lays a cute pink stand, where you will find Stan’s donuts. Originally from California, this donut shop can be found throughout Chicago and even has places that are open until 3 a.m. Known for their specialty donuts, such as a maple bacon long john, their donuts are often quite a hit (especially with millennials). While donuts are in the name, it’s not the only thing this business has as they offer a variety of milkshakes, gelato, bagels, coffee and tea.

The overall atmosphere was cute and welcoming, however, the donuts were nothing too exciting. I plopped down on a couch that was used as chair (which turned out to be very comfortable) and started off with the classic glazed donut priced at $1.85. I was not disappointed, but not overwhelmed as it tasted like any old glazed donut you could find down the street.

I then ordered a peanut butter pocket priced at $3.60, which was covered in chocolate and filled with peanut butter. This sounds like a Reece’s-lovers dream; however, the peanut butter in the middle made the whole donut taste dry, leaving me to only be able to take a few bites.

I then moved onto an apple fritter priced at $2.60 which did not have the best presentation as it looked like a shiny light brown rock. It tasted almost exactly like the glazed donut except for a small twist of apple and cinnamon mixed in, which was not actually that bad.

Bottom line: Stan’s Donuts offers a variety of new and exciting donuts, but $10 for three donuts that turned out to be just average was not worth the money.

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years
Stan’s donuts disappoints