The perks of physical education

Ryan Whelton, Reporter

Physical education (PE) is dreadful for some, while others idolize the class. PE may not be everyone’s favorite period at LT, but it is an essential part of each student’s day and should continue to be a requirement for graduation. 

The PE curriculum is formulated for everyone to succeed. Students at SC have more guidance when fulfilling their PE credits, since everyone takes the same class as they adjust to the new environment of high school. However, once students transition over to NC, they have much more freedom to choose a physical education class based on their particular interests.

There are a variety of classes available, including Dance Fitness, Adventure Education, Scuba Diving, and Sports Officiating; these courses teach content beyond what the traditional PE classes cover at SC. In addition, LT continues to introduce new classes. The curriculum teaches underclassmen the basic skills needed, and then gives students much more freedom when they move to NC. Mandatory PE throughout all four years also encourages students to stay involved in LT athletics, as they are able to receive athletic study halls during their junior and senior year. 

Most importantly, it gives everyone a chance to participate in physical activity every school day. Students are at school for at least seven hours, and it is not healthy to sit behind a desk for that amount of time; PE gives students the chance to let some of their energy out. Classes at SC can go outside to Bennett Field, and classes at NC can use the soccer fields on Cossitt to get a breath of fresh air when it’s warm. 

Beyond the physical aspect of PE, it is also a time for students to relax and socialize; the required credit in LT students’ schedules forces them to take a break from their rigorous course load. No matter the class level, all students at LT are challenged academically and deserve a break. PE allows students to spend time with their friends doing different activities. 

Physical education at LT also prepares students for the real world; athletics do not just disappear after high school. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, learning essential skills from sports will be a valuable asset for life. PE classes cover sports from golf to football. Students are also taught teamwork, responsibility, and resilience through participation in PE activities. My class just finished our volleyball unit, which was easily my favorite sport we’ve done so far. It was really cool to have friendly competitions against other classes, and see my team’s performance and communication grow stronger. 

It’s important to learn about the body in order to take care of it correctly, which is why nutrition, weight lifting, and muscle groups are incorporated into many classes. PE teachers cover proper form, weight lifting exercises, healthy food options, and the functions of key muscle groups. Similar to learning about different sports skills, techniques learned in high school to keep the body healthy can be used throughout a lifetime.  

Personally, I look forward to PE everyday; I have a fun group of friends, and the content we learn is super engaging. LT does a great job of providing an informative, yet engaging PE curriculum, and continues to create more opportunities for all students to take a PE class they’re passionate about. It’s in the best interest of students for physical education to be required all four years at LT.