The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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Eras Concert enters the theaters

Taylor Swift movie releases to the public

The movie “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour ” has been long awaited by fans since being announced in August of this year. The film was created to give people a chance to rewatch the concert, or experience it for the first time if they hadn’t seen it live. 

If you haven’t seen the concert live, we would definitely recommend seeing it–but it may be otherwise underwhelming

We both saw this concert in person in June, but we liked that the movie was up close so you could see Swift’s face in detail. We noticed many new details that we couldn’t see live from our seats. For example, we noticed the changes in the color and detail of the microphones and guitars for each era. During “Speak Now,” the microphone was purple, red during “Red,” black during “Reputation,” etc. We also were able to see the dances of the background dancers a lot more clearly which we liked because they made the show much more exciting to watch.

The movie included nine albums (of the 10) that Swift created. In each album, Swift played one to six songs. She also included two surprise songs. In the movie, the surprise songs are “Our Song” and “You’re on Your Own Kid.” We both enjoyed the surprise songs because they were different songs then the ones we saw in person. 

When purchasing the tickets, we were surprised to see how high the prices were per person. Each ticket cost us about $27, which is much higher than most movies. At other theaters, ticket prices may be slightly cheaper. It may also cost less money to see the show during the week rather than the weekend like we did. We realized the reason for the high fares was most likely due to the large fanbase Swift has. Although the price of the ticket was a little high, it was definitely a more affordable option than tickets to the Eras Tour live which cost hundreds of dollars apiece. 

Upon arriving at the theater, we noticed that many spectators were wearing Swift’s merchandise or an outfit to replicate one of albums (or eras).

The movie opened with a clock counting down to Swift’s entrance to the stage, which was exactly how the actual concert began. The following scene was her introductory song “Miss Americana and the Heart Break Prince.” 

The movie was a video of the concert that took place at the SoFi Stadium, located in Los Angeles. The film was a combination of all three nights of the concert there. 

We found it surprising how a lot of the audience was singing along to the movie as well as standing up and dancing. This was an atypical scene to see at a movie because usually people are sitting down in silence for the majority of a film. 

Overall, the movie was an excellent experience and great representation of the real concert. Since many fans were not able to get a ticket to the concert, the making of the film was a great choice by Swift. If you haven’t seen the actual concert, we highly recommend seeing the film. However, if you have seen the actual concert, the movie might be too repetitive to the actual concert, and you could skip the trip to the theater. The two hours and 48 minutes long movie will be in theaters until at least Jan. 12,  2024 (having debuted on Oct. 14), and may stay around for longer. It will also be available for streaming sometime after Jan. 12.

4 / 5 paws


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