The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years

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Let students ‘accel’

At first glance, the options LT has for courses seems overwhelmingly endless. From Scuba Diving to Aviation to Music Design and Technology, the choices students are able to make feel infinite. During freshman and sophomore year, students often discuss how there are too many options for them to pick from, with many others complaining that all of the options seem to be at NC. 

However, if you were to ask a junior or a senior how they felt about the same topic, the answers would differ greatly.

By senior year, course options dwindle—not in subject matter, but in choices within the subject. English courses available to seniors consist entirely of prep, dual credit, and AP (Advanced Placement) courses despite it being a required subject for all four years of high school. While physics is a class that looks fantastic to colleges if you take it during high school, the only choices available to LT students are prep or AP. The same issue stands true for math, as options for seniors a year ahead in LT’s suggested timeline are left with only prep classes or AP classes to choose from. 

AP courses are classes designed for high school students that teach college level curriculum. They are fast paced, often requiring many hours of note taking per week. While they are incredible options for students looking to learn about a subject they’re incredibly passionate about, in recent years, they have turned into an essential for any and all students hoping to gain acceptance to a competitive university. LT has since followed suit, promoting their AP courses to students on the daily.

This system has a pattern of aiming to push students into taking AP courses in their junior and senior years whether they want to or not. While there are many benefits to taking an AP class, it is still a course load that simply does not work for everyone. Some students prefer to take accelerated courses of study without the looming pressure of college credit or an AP exam. Some students would prefer to receive all of their college credit while in college to make the most of the educational experience. Some students simply want a middle ground. AP classes are constantly pushed onto upperclassmen, and the lack of other options essentially forces juniors and seniors to take on the AP workload.

Juniors and seniors deserve more options, especially for courses that we are either required or strongly encouraged to take. For many, prep courses move at a slower pace than what promotes a good learning environment for them. On the flip side of the issue, for these same students, oftentimes AP classes are too fast paced and have a workload that isn’t sustainable for them. LT should be providing students at NC with more level options so that we can continue to find balance in our school schedule throughout our entire high school careers.

Staff vote: 23-0

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