End the campus divide

Position Statement: LT should have more all school events and opportunities for students across all grades to get to know each other.

Staff Editorial, Reporters

The separation of LT between NC and SC goes beyond the physical distance of school buildings, but extends socially as well. Rather than feeling like one united student community, it feels more divided into underclassmen and upperclassmen. There are very few opportunities and activities in which all LT students are together and can socialize with students beyond their own grade level. 

LT should have more school events and opportunities to allow expanded socialization and connections between students of all ages. 

It is important as an entire school that we have a unified community and student body. Forming connections and spending time with peers is crucial in high school. It is very challenging as a student to form peer connections with students outside of their own grade level. Even clubs and sports teams are often separated by grade level. For many sports, there are so many people who try out for each team that everyone is separated into freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity teams. This separation of sports teams is often an age separation, because freshmen and sophomores are rarely on varsity teams with juniors and seniors. 

Additionally, many students express that they like the overall feeling of NC more than SC because everyone feels more controlled and mature. The feeling and mood in the hallways of SC might be more similar to NC if students spend more time all together. Bringing the campuses together would have an overall positive impact on the LT community and students. It would generate school spirit, and end the divide between upperclassmen and underclassmen.

Continually, the All-school Assembly is the only day of the school year when all students are together in one building. This day is always very fun and exciting, and generates a lot of school spirit. It is unfortunate that there aren’t more days like this. There should be assemblies or all-school gatherings like the All-school Assembly at least once each semester. Understandably, it would be challenging to transport students back and forth between campuses for events like this, but it would be worth it. Beyond just assemblies, LT should have more events for all students. There should be more elective classes that combine students of different grades, even just between freshman and sophomores, and juniors with seniors. There should also be more events, similar to the ones that are held by the equity and belonging group, that bring students together. In the following school year events like these that would unite students together should be implemented, and would have a positive impact on the entire LT community.

Staff Votes: 24-1