Preserving prom

Our Position: LT should maintain its policy of only offering a senior prom, however more dances other than Homecoming should be offered to underclassmen.

Staff Editorial, Reporter

When prom season rolls around, the excitement among students is almost tangible. All anyone can talk about is dresses, hair, makeup, corsages, and dates. Everything over the past four years has led to this moment. Every test suffered through, every sleepless night, and every college application has built up to this dance when students finally can celebrate everything they have overcome and accomplished. 

Prom is the perfect way for seniors to conclude their time at LT, and it should remain a dance for the senior class to preserve that magic. 

The desire juniors and other underclassmen have for a prom is understandable. It has been an event that high schoolers look forward to for decades. Yet, some things are better left unchanged. LT is a big school with over 4,000 students. Hosting a prom for 1,000 teens is difficult enough but would be almost unimaginable if 1,000 more juniors were included. The amount of food, space, and time needed to host a dance for over 2,000 students would make prom almost unsustainable financially for the school and honestly unenjoyable for the students as well. 

When it comes to prom, experiencing one well-done and comfortable dance is much better than suffering through two overcrowded and lower-quality dances. One prom offered to the senior class allows the school to host the dance at a beautiful ballroom on Navy Pier and to offer the late-night boat after-party. 

Furthermore, keeping the prom limited to the senior class is better for the safety and well-being of students anyway. If a critical incident were to occur, it is easier to manage and care for 1,000 fewer students. Overcrowding alone can cause injury on the dance floor and is a fire safety concern. Lastly, a large group of 2,000 students can be overwhelming and emotionally stressful for students. It is up to the school to try to make prom a safe and welcoming experience for all and that includes limiting the attendance to the senior class.

Nonetheless, there is no reason for underclassmen to fret. Their time will come when they become seniors, and they will be thankful that prom is a night dedicated to seniors. There is nothing like being able to celebrate all together as a senior class before everyone goes their own way to start their new lives in the real world. The prom is the senior class’ final moment all together before we are in cap and gown, saying goodbye to the place we had just spent four years of our lives.

Regardless, more dances should be offered to juniors and underclassmen to provide them with the opportunity to socialize and have fun. Dances are a great way to strengthen and unify the LT community. While homecoming is a fun experience, there should be at least a few other chances throughout the year for students to connect and enjoy themselves at a dance. Let’s preserve all that makes prom a special night for seniors by also providing more general admission dances so that prom can stay a last celebration before our time at LT comes to an end.