Compliments to College, Career Center

Our Position: The College and Career Center is doing an excellent job of constantly offering support and opportunities to students.

Staff Editorial

With new faces spearheading services, the College and Career Center has been working incredibly hard this school year to make its presence known at LT, as well as offering students loads of different opportunities for making the college process more enjoyable and manageable.

Cody Dailey took on the position this year–after former College and Career Coordinator Lianne Musser retired after 16 years of employment–with an enthusiastic opening. From the first day of school, students were receiving emails that were chock full of information on how to use the center for their benefit. Dailey’s emails provide chances for students to sign up for visits with college representatives, financial aid assistance, essay advice, and more to come. 

Dailey isn’t the only staff member helping students, though. Katrina Byerle is always greeting students with a smile when they enter the office, and Nancy Kalkowski can answer students’ questions with an approachable attitude. It’s comforting to know that students within the school have adults in their corner.

The center team offers up the space for students to enter on their own accord. Schedules get hectic and schoolwork can pile up, but it’s incredibly considerate of the office to open its doors throughout the day to allow students to work on their applications when it’s convenient for them. Whether it be a school-implemented lunch period or one’s own study hall, it gives a quiet, friendly environment to get things done. In going to work there during a school day, students have the chance to talk with the adults in the office about any questions they may come across when filling out forms or get a second pair of eyes on their essay. Overall, a student will never feel helpless while in the center.

While college tends to be the popular topic to discuss at the College and Career Center, an emphasis on “career” is also noted. It’s refreshing to attend a school where the staff preaches that there are numerous ways to be successful after high school, and college isn’t for everyone. The staff in the center is there to assist all students with their post-LT plans, whether or not they include college, highlighting respect for all learners in our community.

Conclusively, the College and Career Center has gone above and beyond to give the students of LT assistance and resources for benefiting their future every day. Their cheery nature and welcoming attitudes make it easy to reach out with questions, and they’re making a positive impact within the district.

Staff Vote: 25-0