Importance of inclusion

Staff Editorial

The Equity and Belonging Committee was formed to create a foundation of equity and inclusion where all students are treated with respect and pride and a sense of belonging. This decision should be praised because this was needed for our school to reach its full potential regarding physical, social and emotional well-being of its students.

Jennifer Rowe is the director of this committee and was hired by LT to help improve academic achievement and promote student engagement in all areas of the school. There was a lack of inclusion and the atmosphere at LT was very tense. It is important to notice that the school has done a very good job of improving it.

This committee has made it a priority to bring awareness to students about topics that are usually neglected. Many classes and clubs have also been created to represent many different backgrounds and ethnicities. 

For Latinx month, LT held “Voices of Chicago” with the Chicago Poetry Center and hosted a Special Pulitzer Center visit with journalist María Inés Zamudio, which dove into her journey as a reporter covering immigration for WBEZ. This decision should be applauded because it allowed students to see other perspectives and show the hardships that come with being a minority voice in journalism. 

One of the clubs LT has created is Black Culture/Multi Culture Club. This club explores the different facets of African American culture and cultures of African diaspora. Students even help plan the bi-annual Black History Month assembly and take part in service-based projects.  

There are many different aspects of creating a safe space for students to feel secure in their environment and it’s vital to recognize the various needs different students possess. Making sure they are listened to and heard is a major step for students to feel included and respected. 

The CARE Space was specially created for students to have access to essentials, such as hygiene products, school supplies, basic food, and clothing items. The main goal aims at eliminating obstacles and instead honors students’ privacy, and makes it easy for students to access items that support their needs.

While some believe that students should just toughen up and ignore what they feel, that idea disregards the mental-well being of students and their social emotional health. LT is trying to implement the trend of acknowledging those feelings and creating a space where everyone feels like they belong.

The different programs and events LT has designed for the well-being of its students have improved the atmosphere and the environment. They have had nothing but positive effects. 

The community of our school should recognize this committee as a positive addition to LT and realize the opportunities it provides students because they have improved student preparedness and have provided positive learning environments.