Disney’s ‘Encanto’ breaks new records

Music hits number one on Billboard Hot 100


“Encanto” was released to Disney Plus on Dec. 24.

Morgan Fry, Editor in Chief

“Encanto” premiered in theaters across the U.S. on Nov. 24, 2021. However, when Disney Plus released the film a month later on Dec. 24, the animated film started to gain more traction from the streaming service’s subscribers. “Encanto’s” popularity has continued to grow as the film has grossed $228.7 million after two months of being released for the public to enjoy. 

When I first heard about “Encanto,” I honestly didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until the film’s music started to gain popularity on TikTok that I started to become interested in the concept. The film’s most famous song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the second Disney animated film to hit number one on the charts—the first being “A Whole New World” from Aladdin in 1993. Not even the iconic “Let It Go” from “Frozen” could top “Encanto,” as the 2014 sensation never surpassed the number five spot. 

On our recent snow day, I finally had the time to sit down and enjoy the movie. The film follows Maribel, a young adult in the Madrigal family, living in a magic-filled house in the breathtaking mountains of Colombia. The viewers quickly learn that Maribel is the only member of the family without magical powers. While Maribel grows up beside her sister’s superstrength, her mother’s healing powers, and her cousin’s animal whispering abilities, she wonders why she is missing out on the family blessings. The question then becomes, why she and her uncle Bruno are the outcasts in the Madrigal family and if unresolved business from the past will be settled. 

The animation and color in this film are top notch. The lush vegetation and bright flowers transports the viewer into the beauty and culture of Colombia. I think the film’s pleasing visual aesthetic was probably my favorite element of  “Encanto.” The eight musical numbers—written and composed by the famous Lin-Manel Miranda—were also fantastic, each with the appropriate mood for different parts of the movie. I also appreciated that the songs were led by various characters, as we got to see the development of multiple individuals, aside from just the protagonist. However, I will say that because Miranda holds such a high reputation from other projects such as “In the Heights” and “Hamilton,” the “Encanto” playlist just doesn’t compare. Nonetheless, I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed the film nearly as much without his musical masterpieces. 

Overall, I would recommend this movie to people of all ages. It may be a bit harder for younger children to follow, as there are a lot of extended family members in the movie to keep track of. However, with all of the visual elements and musical features, I don’t think they’ll have any trouble enjoying the film. 

Upon researching more about the movie, I learned that the filmmakers stayed true to the Colombian value of family by refraining from giving faces to violence or villains. I’ll admit, as I was watching the movie, it was a bit unusual not to have those climatic elements that I am used to in a film. Despite this, I can now appreciate how instead of putting attention on the evil, “Encanto” allowed its viewers to see the beautiful family that prevailed in spite of it. You can tell how much research went into honoring Colombian culture, with the diverse art, nature, heritage, and people, that allowed me to learn a little bit more about traditions different than my own.  

While I am not the biggest movie person to begin with, I am glad I sat through the one hour and 45 minute picture to understand what all the TikTok hype was about. Will I be watching the movie again? Probably not anytime soon. Although, I will most definitely jam out to the soundtrack when I need some upbeat tunes to get me through the day. 

3.5/5 paws