RH opens rooftop restaurant in Oak Brook

Brings aesthetic dining room to the suburbs

Outside of RH (Fry/LION).

Morgan Fry, Editor in Chief

The upscale American home-furnishing company RH (formerly known as Restoration Hardware), has been opening elegant restaurants across the country. With one restaurant already located in downtown Chicago, RH has now expanded its unique dining experience to the suburbs. In late September, the company opened a rooftop restaurant on the third floor of its OakBrook Center store. 

I was eager to visit the restaurant and experience the “ingredient driven menu” they boast on their website. However, upon trying to secure a reservation, I found that weekends were booked well in advance. After almost giving up on a weekend reservation, I was able to snag a cancellation at the last minute. Following the hassle of getting into the restaurant, my expectations were then extremely high. 

After walking through the grand lobby of the furniture store, I made my way to a gold elevator that transported me up into the heart of the restaurant. As I stepped out of the elevator and into the dining room, I was blown away by the glass walls and ceilings. The sleek black bars across the interior offered a more industrial contrast to the delicate glass. The biggest draw was the gorgeous fountain centerpiece, surrounded by lush faux trees and greenery, with stunning chandeliers overhead.

Upon taking my seat, however, the posh interior design became a bit harder to enjoy, as the room was extremely echoey, making it difficult to hear the other members in my party. I was also seated at a long booth, stretching with many tables attached to it. I found the positioning of my seat very close to the parties next to me, so I would recommend requesting one of the tables in the center of the room, which would offer more space and privacy when dining. 

For our appetizers, my table ordered the Crispy Artichokes ($19) and the Burrata ($23), which both came out very quickly. I usually enjoy my artichokes baked, so I was anxious to try a different take on a beloved vegetable. I can happily report that the crispy version of this food did not disappoint. The warm crunch of the artichoke paired nicely with rosemary potato wedges also served in the dish. This combination was complimented well by a lemon aioli dipping sauce, which added a great tang within each bite. 

The true star of the first course, however, was the Burrata. Roasted red peppers, aged balsamic, and basil were served alongside the creamy burrata cheese, which was topped with salt, pepper, and olive oil. When assembled onto the crispy charred sourdough bread, a heavenly bite was created. The bitterness from the basil and peppers was offset by the sweet balsamic, and all melted together with the Burrata. It was honestly one of the best appetizers I have ever had, and worth the steep price for the flavor alone. 

All of the six entreés listed on the menu are served á la carte. I, of course, needed to try the RH Burger ($20), to ensure they had the basics down. I have to say it was a satisfactory burger, served with two patties. It was on the saltier side, which I did not mind, had a slight tang from the pickles, and a nice creaminess from the Dijonaise spread on top. However, I wouldn’t say it was the best burger I’ve ever had, as the bun was slightly dry. As for the price, I can’t say it was worth it. Plus, if I wanted to get some fries with my burger, I’d have to order them as a side for $10, which I was not willing to spring for. 

I also sampled the Broiled Salmon ($32), Shaved Ribeye on Charred Garlic Bread ($28), and Lobster Roll ($30). The salmon was prepared perfectly, and had a mild and comforting flavor from honey and black pepper, which was again contrasted with a slight zestiness from the lemon. If you enjoy fish, I would definitely recommend it. The Shaved Ribeye was just as delicious, with sharp flavors from Emmentaler cheese melted on top of the juicy meat, which was further intensified by the light onion-flavored broth served alongside it. The Lobster Roll, however, was not great. The pieces of lobster were definitely nothing like the tender meat you’d get in New England, as they were fairly chewy. The bread was also very dry, similar to what I’d experienced in my burger. 

RH does not offer a physical dessert menu. The only options were listed to us by our waiter: homemade chocolate chip cookies ($10) or a selection of various gelato flavors. I originally wanted to try the caramel gelato, which I excitedly ordered. However, upon checking, my waiter then informed me that the restaurant was out of the sweet treat. I then opted for the chocolate chip cookies instead, which our waiter served to us with on-the-house vanilla gelato, to make up for the disappointment of the caramel shortage. Three large chocolate chip cookies were served warm, with a crunchy outside, and gooey melted chocolate on the inside. The sweetness from the chocolate was also contrasted nicely by flakey sea-salt on top of the cookie. Overall, these were very delicious chocolate chip cookies, and considering their gigantic size, were worth the splurge if you’re a cookie connoisseur. The vanilla gelato, served in a frozen glass, further enhanced the cookies, with a smooth texture within each bite. I am thankful our waiter was kind enough to provide us with the gelato, and I would order it on my own next time.

Overall, I would say the RH rooftop is a great addition to the OakBrook Center. It can be a nice way to end a hectic day of shopping at the mall, or a destination lunch/ dinner spot for special occasions. The beautiful decor truly welcomes you, and would be even more relaxing if the dining room was slightly quieter. The quality of the food was good, and there were definitely dishes, like the Burrata, that I would go back for. However, the menu is pretty limited, and the prices are extremely high, especially considering the entreés are served á la carte. While I did see a few children in the restaurant, I would not say it is a very family friendly place. Instead, I can see teengers getting dressed up for a fun night out with friends, or adults enjoying a drink on the outdoor patio portion of the rooftop. The service was adequate but slow at times, which I am assuming is due to a shortage of workers. If you are looking to enjoy a nice evening meal or night out, my recommendation would be to grab a reservation well in advance, dress business casual and prepare to take a hit to your wallet. 

RH Rooftop Restaurant is located at 1300 22nd St, Oak Brook, and is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week. Reservations for the dining room are available on OpenTable, or through phone. 


4 out of 5 paws