Keep the Block Schedule

Position: LT needs to keep a similar block schedule next year as we transition to full in-person learning.

Our position: LT needs to keep a similar block schedule next year as we transition to full in-person learning.

Imagine the pain and horror that would run rampant through the hallways of LT (North and South Campus) if students had to go back to eight periods a day. On top of that, we’d have to wake up at the crack of dawn to be at school at 7:45 a.m. It’s unbelievable that students were ever expected to be up that early. 

The block schedule from this year, on the other hand, is amazing! Students get to sleep in, or they can have time in the morning to do activities they enjoy. Sitting in classrooms for seven hours a day and going to a club or sport afterwards is torture. There can be modifications made for next year: all in-person, longer or shorter class periods, a lunch break. What must remain the same is time for students to sleep and enjoy life. 

Students are only kids once, so why are all of them spending it in a stuffy building listening to people talk about numbers? Students understand that there comes a time where they have to do that, but not everyday for nine months! Three days a week of physics is plenty. That goes for all school subjects. The reason students have learned less this year is because they’ve been sitting behind a computer screen, not because of the block schedule’s ineffectiveness.

On the contrary, students can learn just as well under a block schedule, especially after teachers have had a year to adjust their curriculum to fit it. Teachers love to complain about classes being too short, so they wouldn’t see any objection to continuing with longer classes in the block schedule format. Going to school is one of the worst pains known to mankind, right behind being a Cubs fan until 2016. It is mandatory that students get enough sleep, and starting school later is the only way to accomplish that. This could be LT’s 2016 World Series. 

There is simply no way for students to get in the necessary time for themselves if we go back to the old schedule. Most students participate in many clubs, sports and other activities. Creating a shorter school day creates more time for students to participate in those activities while still maintaining good grades. This also leaves them with time for themselves, so they can enjoy all aspects of life. Furthermore, the block schedule is closer to what life will be like for students in college. It gives students more responsibility because they may need to study more on their own since there’s less time in school.

Continuing with the block schedule will also be a closer look into the real world because most of adult life is spent working in group settings, speaking up in trying situations and working out logistics, which is learned much more in clubs than in class where students take tests and work independently. In the real world, they’ll need the skills to balance all their tasks while still keeping sane. Keeping the block schedule will prepare students for the rest of their lives, not just their time in the school system. We can’t let it end now.

Staff vote: 16-9