Immersive Vincent van Gogh Exhibit debuts in Chicago

Tribute to Post-Impressionism painter dazzles audience with design


Screen play displays some Vincent Ban Goghs iconic work (photo by Robert Sullivan/LION)

Robert Sullivan, Sports Editor

With 500,000 cubic feet of projections and 90,000,000 pixels, Chicago’s Immersive Vincent van Gogh Exhibit pays the ultimate homage to the Post-Impressionism painter. The exhibit, one of 19 locations spread across the U.S. and Canada, dazzles audiences with a motion screenplay that truly extends some of Vincent van Gogh’s best works in life. The screenplay is accompanied with loud audio that asserts the presentation as a sensual masterpiece. 

I attended on a recent busy Saturday evening. The staff kindly greeted me at the front entrance located at 108 West Germania Place. Once I arrived, I was directed through a heavy curtain to the first of a few viewing pads. The entire screenplay lasted about 35 minutes and was played on a constant loop. The transitions between artistic focuses were seamless and provided an intimate insight into van Gogh’s career. Juxtaposing the traditional museum galleries was the constant shifting patterns on the screen which, ironically, brought van Gogh’s realism flair to life even more. 

The floor is lined with glowing rims of circles which allow viewers safely to immerse themselves in the presentation. These COVID-19 precautions were an optimistic look into what the new normal looks like. The hour I spent there took me out of the heart of Chicago and into the mind of a quintessential artist. I entered with little understanding of Vincent van Gogh other than his famous paintings “The Starry Night,” 1889, and “Cafe Terracé at Night,” 1888. I left with an appreciation of all his works and the overall theme of his career. 

I was particularly fascinated with the mirrors which lined the rooms and helped to establish a more visually dominant viewing, staying true to the exhibit’s title as they fully immersed the audience. Tickets are sold out until June and are priced at $49.99 per person.